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Skinny Puppy

The Lion’s Daughter – Future Cult (Season Of Mist)

A couple of years have gone by since USA blackened sludgers The Lion’s Daughter told us that Existence Is Horror and proved that statement to a certain extent with some rather nasty music, now they are back. My biggest complaint… Continue Reading →

Taina – Seelenfresser (Viy Records)

There is a train of thought that suggests that Germans are incredibly efficient. Taina clearly missed that meeting, as it’s taken roughly 8 years to release their debut album. Formed in 2010 by vocalist/synth player WoLand and guitarist SerZh the… Continue Reading →

Blitzkrieg Baby – War Gods (Beläten)

I had been waiting on this to leave a foul taste in my ears and this “little ray of sunshine” is certainly doing so as I sit hear listening to it, sweating from the hottest day of the year whilst… Continue Reading →

Cursed Moon – Rites Of Darkness (Hells Headbangers)

I’ll start off by saying – I like this album. I am not sure if I like it for the same reasons that Sal Hellraiser wants me to. This is good fun Goth. He is marketing it as Deathwave but… Continue Reading →

Khost – Governance (Cold Spring)

Noise mangling duo Khost seem to be on a roll at the moment. They are playing no shortage of shows which is where I first unsuspectingly caught them and this is their sixth release since 2014. Last encountered being deconstructed… Continue Reading →

3Teeth – (OMF Records)

Since 3Teeth blew my mind, soul and body live in 2015, I’ve become something of an obsessive. Their take on early-mid nineties style industrial harkens back to the machine spirit of classic Ministry, alien soundscapes of Skinny Puppy and the… Continue Reading →

Reptil – Throne Of Collapse (Razor Music)

The freaks are out with this German act of self-described “individuals,” who are certainly that. They seem to be led by a dreadlocked messiah who describes them as being either the biggest joy or biggest disaster in his life. Videos… Continue Reading →

Haiku Funeral – Hallucinations (Aesthetic Death)

Last firing a shot across our bows back in 2012 when they delivered their ‘Nightmare Painting’ French / Bulgarian act Haiku Funeral really did strange things with my head. I described said album as “one for dreamers who are keen… Continue Reading →

3Teeth – Audio Glasgow 08/10/15

I am a massive Star Wars fan.  I love everything about the original trilogy.  I had various Star Wars themed tables at my wedding.  I actually persuaded my wife to be, to walk back up the aisle to the Cantina… Continue Reading →

Cocksure – Corporate Sting (Metropolis)

Apparently the release date of this is a year to the day after debut Cocksure album TVAMSLV came out but in this time the industrialist duo have gone and sneaked out 2 more shorter releases via different labels one of… Continue Reading →

Scaremeister – 31 Spirits (Metropolis)

With a line-up including cEvin Key, Ken ‘hiwatt’ Marshall and Traz Damji I figured this, at the very least, would be a class act but also probably a bit of a nightmare to figure out how to turn in an… Continue Reading →

Front Line Assembly – Echogenetic (Metropolis)

The realisation that Front Line Assembly have been going for 27 years now makes me feel very old, as there is a part of my brain that still sees the electronica and industrial revolution as a ‘new’ thing. After leaving… Continue Reading →

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