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Interview – Skeletonwitch

Since 2003 Skeletonwitch have been an unwavering musical force, releasing an album every few years with a consistency that suggested their line-up was one of impenetrable solidarity. Fast forward to 2015 and the band shocked fans by parting ways with… Continue Reading →

MANTAR – The Modern Art of Setting Ablaze (Nuclear Blast)

‘Death by Burning’, ‘Ode to the Flame’, ‘The Modern Art of Setting Ablaze’ – it would appear Germany’s newest power duo, MANTAR, are pyromaniacs; however, if an obsession with fire is what helps them to keep releasing such enormous sounding… Continue Reading →

Wolvhammer – The Monuments of Ash and Bone (Blood Music)

So, my first time out listening to Wolvhammer, though a cursory mooch about on the internet tells me that they’re well established in the US, boasting members or ex-members of acts such as Abigail Williams, Skeletonwitch, Nachtmystium and Krieg. This… Continue Reading →

Sacred Leather – Ultimate Force (Cruz Del Sur)

It’s that time again travellers. Back to the future we go. Sacred Leather. Ultimate Force.  Tonight we’re gonna party like its 1983! Lifting the curtain of mystique for just a second this is Dustin Boltjes of Skeletonwitch’s chance to step from… Continue Reading →

Xoth – Invasion Of The Tentacube (S/R)

Read that album title again….”Invasion Of The Tentacube”. Maybe it’s due to being a grumpy 45 year old but I’m not usually a fan of ‘comedy metal’. There’s a place for humour but I don’t necessarily want it shoved in… Continue Reading →

Wretched Soul – The Ghost Road (UKEM Records)

Damn I love this line of ‘work’ at times. Ever bought an album without knowing anything about the band, but purely on the cover art? I have. Many times as a kid just started on the road to metal nirvana… Continue Reading →

Satanika – Total Inferno (Osmose)

Quite why I am not familiar with this prolific Italian band is puzzling to say the least as I decided to check their discography before giving this a listen and was impressed with the bands black thrash nihilism plus their… Continue Reading →

Inferno Festival – Oslo, Norway – 3rd April 2015

Day Three – Friday 3rd April   Two days of extreme metal done, two to go as the third day started with Italian death metal act Ade whose melodic death metal was tinged with a keyboard like backdrop and some… Continue Reading →

Ancient Ascendant – Echoes And Cinder (Candlelight)

Not even the end of March and so far we’ve had some absolutely blinding British death metal records unleashed upon us….. Amputated, Basement Torture Killings, Cancerous Womb & Dripback have all smashed us to bits with their latest releases and… Continue Reading →

Huntress – Spell Eater (Napalm Records)

Flying the flag for traditional heavy metal and powerful, real metal female vocals, Huntress come from California. As I make my opening statement declaring real female metal vocals, it’s an interesting fact that singer Jill Janus (aka Penelope Tuesdae) trained… Continue Reading →

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