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Killing Addiction – Omega Factor (Xtreem)

The Florida Death Metal scene is one of those which can boast some titans in the genre. Cannibal Corpse, Obituary, Six Feet Under, Death, Morbid Angel, Atheist and Hate Eternal are all well-known names and have helped define some aspects… Continue Reading →

Obituary – S/T (Relapse Records)

You don’t need me to waffle on about how good Obituary are. Over the past 30 odd years they haven’t made a duff record. Sure some have been better than others but in a similar way to veteran bands such… Continue Reading →

Six Feet Under – Graveyard Classics Vol 4 (Metal Blade)

Now under normal circumstances I quite like Six Feet Under. Chris Barnes & his hired hands have produced some pretty decent groove based death metal tunes in their twenty one year history since their debut album ‘Haunted’ BUT what is… Continue Reading →

Power Fuel – Tribute To Slayer (Great Dane)

Power Fuel are a thrash metal band from Picardy in France. This is their third album and for some reason they’ve chosen to release a record consisting of ten Slayer covers…. Now I’m not against cover versions but a whole… Continue Reading →

Psychomancer – Inject The Worms (Orchestrated Misery Recordings)

Not exactly busy boys, Psychomancer. Their first demo was released in 1999 and since then we’ve had just two full lengths in 2001 (Si-Ko-Man-Sur) & 2007 (Butchered). This 6 track EP though is a right little cracker and if it’s… Continue Reading →

Feared – Synder (S/R)

I am not sure what rock I’ve been living under for the past five years or so but this Swedish outfit has released five albums already and this is now their sixth. In the bands ranks is Kevin Talley (drums)… Continue Reading →

Six Feet Under – Crypt of the Devil (Metal Blade)

After the let-down of their last album, Six Feet Under are back. Shorn of Ola Englund and the immense presence of Kevin Talley, the band now consists of Chris Barnes and Steve Swanson, along with Jeff Hughell and new drummer… Continue Reading →

The Haunted – Exit Wounds (Century Media)

Given the recent line up changes in the camp of The Haunted, their latest full length release’s title “Exit Wounds” is quite fitting in some kind of symbolic way. Losing the volatile and enigmatic frontman Peter Dolving along with Anders… Continue Reading →

Cannabis Corpse – From Wisdom to Baked (Season of Mist)

When I first discovered Cannabis Corpse a few years ago, I was under the impression that they were a parody band who changed song titles and lyrics of Cannibal Corpse songs to cater for the diehard stoners who enjoy death… Continue Reading →

Throne of Heresy – Realms of Desecration (SR)

Throne of Heresy are relative newcomers to the world of death metal, only forming in late 2009. However, they’ve already popped their album cherry with 2012’s ‘The Stench of Deceit’, and are quick to follow up with this short taster… Continue Reading →

Facebreaker – Dedicated to the Flesh (Cyclone Empire)

Out of all the sub-genres of metal, there is one which I will always return to over all others. That, my friends, is the horrible slime-coated buzzsaw attack of the ‘Stockholm sound’. I really am a sucker for it. The… Continue Reading →

Torture Killer – Phobia (Dynamic Arts)

A stark black and white image greets me upon looking at the cover art of the new Torture Killer album, quite a transformation in style to their previous couple of albums which had bold colours on great artwork to create… Continue Reading →

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