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Impiety – Verses All Gods (Evil Dead Productions / Shivadarshana)

It seems a fair few bands are crawling out the woodwork having not released a full-length album for a fair while this year and it is a pleasure to welcome back Singapore war machine Impiety who we last heard from… Continue Reading →

Rudra – Invoking the Gods (Trishul Records)

This is an interesting release from Singaporean Vedic metal band Rudra. The first six tracks are tributes to their influences in the metal world, so there are numbers from Sepultura, Slayer, Black Sabbath, Obituary, Death, and Bathory. The final five… Continue Reading →

Devouror – Slay For Satan (Metal Zone)

New year, new EP, new band. Fresh start and all that. Well, I say fresh but this fetid blast of ‘bestial deathcult warfare’ is not exactly the sweet smelling air of some Norwegian forest. Nah, this is a short three… Continue Reading →

Infernal Execrator – Obsolete Ordinance (Pulverised Records)

Whilst this may only be the second full length by this Singaporean act they also have a handful of splits during their decade or so existence. Occasionally you get black metal that is so full of malice, so malignant that… Continue Reading →

Rudra – Enemy of Duality (Transcending Obscurity)

Rudra albums are normally ferocious affairs, so I braced myself. “Enemy of Duality” is the Singaporean band’s eighth album of Vedic metal, which translates as a spiritual and turbulent tribute to the band’s ancestral culture and the foundations of Hinduism…. Continue Reading →

Wormrot – Voices (Earache)

‘#MakeEaracheGrindAgain’ This single hashtag across the RJD main stage video screen at this year’s Bloodstock 2016 festival said enough. Even if it was hard sometimes to make out the tracks being advertised, one look at the imagery said enough –… Continue Reading →

Abyssal Vortex – Derelicts of Perdition (S/R)

With members from South East Asia and Europe, Abyssal Vortex are essentially an international super-group, comprising current and historic representation from Absence of the Sacred, Impiety, Rudra, Soilwork, Scarve and Aborted. The European connection is drummer Dirk Verbeuren who as… Continue Reading →

Abolition A.D – After Death Before Chaos (Pulverised)

Having only heard Wormrot before, I have little idea of what Singapore offers in terms of its musical exports other than colossal walls of filthy noise and aggression. Taking the chance to learn more, I was lucky enough to land… Continue Reading →

Rudra – RTA (Sonic Blast Media)

Rudra’s uniqueness lies in the way that they incorporate traditional Indian sounds, Sanskrit chants and mantras into their blackened death metal music. It has been an evolving process over their 21 years of existence. “RTA” is the Singaporean band’s 7th… Continue Reading →

Impiety – The Impious Crusade (Hells Headbangers)

If you know anything about Impiety, you know what to expect here. This five track mini album is the usual ferocious, no-holds barred assault. Violence is the order of the day and to accompany the artwork on the sleeve, “The… Continue Reading →

Impiety – Vengeance Hell Immemorial (Hells Headbangers)

Listening to Impiety is the musical equivalent of going large. Extremity is not enough for this band. Once again I lock blasphemous horns with these monsters from Singapore, having exposed myself to harm on many occasions over their 20 years… Continue Reading →

Interview – Zushakon

Zushakon are an old school black metal band from Singapore. Recent progress has seen the release of a self-titled album and a change of line-up, which saw the introduction of Lord Kathir who is known for his work with Rudra… Continue Reading →

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