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Stråle – Bourbon Souls (FDA Records)

It might come as a surprise to those who frequent the hallowed pages of Ave Noctum to see yours truly doing a review for a band on F.D.A, a renowned Death Metal label. Not least myself. But as the description… Continue Reading →

Triosphere – The Heart Of The Matter (AFM)

Luckily I live in a detached house. I’m not gloating or anything – it’s my potential neighbours I’m thinking of, because when an album like Triosphere’s 3rd release “The Heart Of The Matter” comes along (a bit like I felt… Continue Reading →

Kissin’ Black – Heart Over Head (Motor Entertainment)

On an ever increasing journey to birth new genres and experiences, our beloved Metal has spawned another new one – Dark Country Rock/Metal. Yep! Here it is, playing away merrily like it doesn’t have a care in the world, razzing… Continue Reading →

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