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Silent Stream of Godless Elegy

Silent Stream of Godless Elegy – Smutnice (Redblack )

I’ve got a long history with Silent Stream of Godless Elegy, having first come across a single MP3 of theirs from a now long-defunct music trial site, (it was perfectly legit!), and was blown away by how great they were…. Continue Reading →

Et Moriemur – Epigrammata (Transcending Obscurity)

Is it always enough to try and sound the same as everyone else, can riffs ever grow tiresome. I guess the answer lies in the ears of the listener, but certainly in my experience of reviewing for a number of… Continue Reading →

Et Moriemur – Ex Nihilo in Nihilum (Solitude)

My Dying Bride have a lot to answer for if, as I suspect, the proliferation of doom death bands across various parts of Europe can be laid at their feet. But while with My Dying Bride you can hear the… Continue Reading →

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