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Zaum – Eidolon (I Hate Records)

If ever there was an open goal for a doom metal band in terms of musical and cultural thematics, this is it. The sound and spirit of the ancient East – long the imagined home of the tripped-out fan of… Continue Reading →

Neurosis – Fires Within Fires (Neurot)

Pioneers of the modern day, progressive, post-sludge sound, Neurosis have been going at it for 30 years now, and have more than proved their worth in that time; now when they put out another record it’s not just a release,… Continue Reading →

Saint Vitus – Live Vol. 2 (Season of Mist)

There can be little doubt that one of the doom bands with the greatest mystique and legend surrounding them are Saint Vitus, and after the recording hiatus of 17 years after ‘Die Healing’, their 2012 return with ‘Lillie: F-65’ was… Continue Reading →

Mirrors For Psychic Warfare – ST (Neurot)

Having well and truly put their house in order with the industrial whiplashing provided by Corrections House, half the project, namely Scott Kelly and Sanford Parker are still overflowing with creative juices. This has led to the duo putting together… Continue Reading →

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