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Ramesses, Serpent Venom, Iron Witch – London Boston Music Rooms 13/5/16

“They were warned…they are doomed…and on Friday the 13th nothing will save them…” Ramesses were one of the most revered acts of the doom metal world, comprising ex members of the likes of Electric Wizard and Pombagira, so it’s unsurprising… Continue Reading →

Damnation Festival – Leeds University 2/11/12

You can tell how successful a festival is by the amount of people there and even as we enter the labyrinth Leeds University to negotiate the four stages that the event has been expanded to the first band on our… Continue Reading →

Gonga – Concrescence (Tonehenge Recordings)

Bristol in the UK is the base for these fuzzed out stoner doom instrumentalists, this is their third release and totally instrumental. Hence, with this in mind, I first spun this disc laid out on the floor with a nice… Continue Reading →

Orchid, Serpent Venom & Crystal Head – London Underworld 21/5/13

It’s back to the 70’s tonight and we could have been trooping into The Music Machine or The Rainbow to see some fresh new bands, reeking of patchouli and covered in beads. But no we were fuelled by beer rather… Continue Reading →

Lord Of The Grave – Green Vapour (Church Within)

What’s the best part of raping a zombie? Hearing the hip bone go crack! Actually can you rape a zombie? Can they actually say nooooooouuughhh? What am I talking about? Well first of these five numbers is called Raping Zombies… Continue Reading →

Voivod, Doom & Serpent Venom – London Garage 7/10/12

Great line up this and a very versatile one. It caught a few out though as they had to decide between this and Overkill who were also playing down the road but to be honest I did not even think… Continue Reading →

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