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3 From Hell – Rob Zombie (Lionsgate)

Well the release of this is somewhat overshadowed by the passing of one of this trilogy of film’s most loveable stars Sid Haig. So much more than just a bad tempered, homicidal clown the veteran actor had appeared in nearly… Continue Reading →

Schramm – Jorg Buttgereit (Arrow)

It’s odd how things become more acceptable as time goes by, especially in the film world where perhaps what occurs in real life makes the censorship of art seem less necessary. Still who would have thought that Jorg Buttgereit’s quartet… Continue Reading →

Steel Hook Prostheses – The Empirics Guild (Malignant Records)

If anyone’s capable of sonically replicating the sound of a human brain dissected and rewired by the hands of a grinning sadist, this is it. Imagine all those album covers from melodic death metal bands covered with screaming faces but… Continue Reading →

Sect 37 – Legion (Aesthetic Death)

Back at the beginning of 2011 a rather strange album ‘The Kudos Of Serial Killing’ by Section 37 fired up my mental cortex as it was a rather unique way of musically getting beneath the skin of the serial killer…. Continue Reading →

The Vomit Arsonist – An Occasion For Death (Malignant Records)

Can you imagine being able to spew up liquid fire? That would be fantastic really although you would have to be so careful if you were going out on the piss. It’s one thing getting barred from the pub but… Continue Reading →

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