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Non Serviam The Official Story Of Rotting Christ – Sakis Tolis & Dayal Patterson (Cult Never Dies)

If you are on this site and playing a word association game “Greece” will no doubt be swiftly followed by thoughts of Rotting Christ as much as package holidays. Without doubt, with over three decades of history behind the much… Continue Reading →

Rise of Avernus – Eigengrau (Code666 Records)

I would never had said that Rise of Avernus were Australian from the titles of their previous album or EPs, however that fact certainly doesn’t detract the quality of the dark & broody musicianship coming from those sunny climes. The… Continue Reading →

Kataklysm, Septic Flesh, Aborted – London Underworld 20/2/16

It has been a while since I attended a gig on a Saturday night, and was rather worried about the 6 o’clock start, but I should not have, as traffic was far lighter than it is during the week, along… Continue Reading →

The Gathering – Always (Peaceville)

Well this is all a bit gutting! A quick bit of research before reviewing this has delivered one hell of an unexpected surprise and not an entirely good one. Firstly it appears the band snuck an album out completely under… Continue Reading →

Aenaon – Extance (Code 666)

From the progressive end of the impressive Greek black metal spectrum come Aenaon. This is their second album. With strong instrumentals and exaggerated swathes of darkness at the heart, “Extance” spends around an hour covering a lot of ground. To… Continue Reading →

The Monolith Deathcult – Tetragrammaton (Season of Mist)

I’m tempted to say here we are again. Five years on since the sonic explosion that was Trivmvirate and the new album Tetragrammaton has landed. Let’s just clear up a couple of issues straight away. Yes, this is the same… Continue Reading →

Chaostar – Anomima (Season of Mist)

I first heard Chaostar in 1999, when their self-titled album was released shortly after Septic Flesh’s ‘Revolution DNA’ where there was a track with their band name. For those in the know, Chaostar was pretty much Septic Flesh as a… Continue Reading →

Fractal Gates – Beyond The Self (Great Dane Records)

Melodic death metal is often maligned these days but nevertheless always feels as if it could just be on the cusp of greatness. Like a surge of power metal exuberance meets death metal’s fearsome intensity and wizardry. What could possibly… Continue Reading →

Bornholm – Inexorable Defiance (Noiseart Records)

Some years back I got hold of a copy of Bornholm’s second album “March For Glory And Revenge” and was impressed with the bands true black metal spirit pioneered by the unequalled Emperor but carrying the torch for the genre… Continue Reading →

Nightfall – Cassiopeia (Metal Blade)

Nightfall are without doubt an interesting band but with one big Achilles heel. Their gothic doom meets melodic death metal has been evolving over the past twenty years with other styles and influences in between. Too many to mention at… Continue Reading →

Khonsu – Anomalia (Season Of Mist)

One look at Khonsu’s Facebook page tells you a lot about what the band is likely to sound like, though nothing prepares you for the immense blockbuster compositions imagined and constructed by S Gronbech whose band this basically is, but… Continue Reading →

Naer Mataron – ΖΗΤΩ Ο ΘΑΝΑΤΟ (Witching Hour Productions)

Now if you’re not interested in politics then I suggest you skip the first paragraph and half to the next and read from there, otherwise continue on. Controversy has never really left black metal since the early church burning days,… Continue Reading →

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