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Lucifer’s Child – The Wiccan (Dark Essence)

Not to be confused with the recent doom dabbling’s of Lucifer, this child is a far more fearsome beast and comes to us courtesy of a couple of greats from within the Hellenic black metal scene namely George Emmanuel (Rotting… Continue Reading →

Inferno Festival – Oslo, Norway – 4th April 2015

Day Four – Saturday 4th April Taking a short tour with my shooter around some of the records shops in Oslo could have been fatalistic to our finances but we restrained and took some more silly photos amid the piles… Continue Reading →

Krakow – amaran (Dark Essence)

Thinking back to 2009, when Krakow first emerged from Bergen, Norway (despite being named after a Polish city), their debut ‘Monolith’ didn’t really tread any new ground, but was a promising slab of weighty stoner/doom metal that spoke of huge… Continue Reading →

Thulcandra – Ascension Lost (Napalm)

In meaningful existence for seven years, Thulcandra seem to have been a divisive act for the entire time. For whatever reason, many Dissection worshippers have taken offense at these Germans paying homage to the Swedish masters both musically and artistically… Continue Reading →

Ascension – The Dead of the World (World Terror Committee)

I don’t think it would be exaggeration to state that this album has been much-anticipated in certain quarters. Storming onto the underground black metal scene in 2009 with their ferocious  EP ‘With Burning Tongue’, the Germans swiftly followed this up… Continue Reading →

Dark Fortress, Secrets Of The Moon & Schammasch – London Underworld 20/10/14

The sewer stench of Camden gives way to the fragrant scent of incense as we walk into the Underworld. Candles are on stage and ritualistic ambient music washes over us from the PA. We await the arrival of the strangely… Continue Reading →

Crone – Gehenna (Prophecy)

As ‘Seven Bells’ was my favourite album of 2012 it was a bit of a no brainer picking this new EP by vocalist and multi-instrumentalist sG’s spanking new outfit Crone to review. He is not quite tackling everything by himself… Continue Reading →

Solbrud – Jærtegn (Mighty)

Solbrud’s debut was an atmospheric black metal gem and lauded as a welcome boost to Denmark’s scene which has always lived in the shadow of its two closest Scandinavian neighbours. Clearly a nation with a happier disposition is all I… Continue Reading →

Eudaimony – Futile (Cold Dimensions)

This interesting-looking band features members from Naglfar, Secrets of the Moon, Nachtreich and Matthias Jell, the ex-vocalist of Dark Fortress who was on one of my favourite black metal albums of all time, “Séance”. For sure this was never going… Continue Reading →

Interview – Dordeduh

Dordeduh are a relatively new band but the players within its ranks certainly are not. Following a split down the middle with Hupogrammos and Sol Faur somewhat unceremoniously leaving Negura Bunget this new division from Romania were formed. With both… Continue Reading →

Vorkreist – Sigil Whore Christ (Agonia)

For me, with this album, Vorkreist have completely lost it. With ‘it’ I mean the vibe of it all, what made them stand-out, what made them interesting. The black metal aggression has been replaced with a polished modern death metal… Continue Reading →

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