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Secrets of the Moon

Verheerer – Monolith (Vendetta Records)

Starting off as a duo German band Verheerer (Devastator) released debut album Maltrér back in 2018. Obviously it went down well although seemingly was missed entirely by us and the impetus from it has encouraged the band to recruit three… Continue Reading →

Morast – Il nostro silenzio (Totenmusik / Van)

A morose and atmospheric slab of doomy death here from this German quartet who have tied their second album in thematically with a narrative of “noises inside the head.” New to me as are other bands the quartet currently play… Continue Reading →

Anomalie – Integra (AOP Records)

The scene in Austria seems a little bit incestuous and anyone involved either on album or live with prime exports Harakiri For The Sky seems to be heavily involved in plenty of other projects and a good family tree between… Continue Reading →

Helrunar – Vanitas Vanitatvm (Prophecy)

We are not here to be amused or entertained by mere whimsy. No sir. So wipe that smirk off your face and pay attention because this is Helrunar – brooding and heavy as a pile of scrap metal falling from… Continue Reading →

Infestus – Thrypsis (Debemur Morti)

I remember the second album ‘Chroniken des Ablebens’ from Infestus back a decade ago in 2008 but our paths do not seem to have crossed since then. The German outfit who have had various past members in their ranks now… Continue Reading →

Crone – Godspeed (Prophecy)

Whoa ok, I have been listening to this a lot over the last week or so and felt like I had channeled the inner essence of some of the songs on it as far as the dark subject matter was… Continue Reading →

Secrets Of The Moon, Dodheimsgard, Thulcandra & Our Survival Depends On Us – London Underworld 10/3/16

This was one impressive bill that should have had people crawling out the woodwork, into the venue and sniffing the heady scent of incense wafting off the stage. It was still quiet when Austrians Our Survival Depends On Us came… Continue Reading →

Secrets Of The Moon – Sun (Prophecy)

Bah you get that all important albums of the year list sorted and drawn up and then something comes along in December sending you back to the drawing board and causing the poor band precariously tottering at number 20 to… Continue Reading →

Lucifer’s Child – The Wiccan (Dark Essence)

Not to be confused with the recent doom dabbling’s of Lucifer, this child is a far more fearsome beast and comes to us courtesy of a couple of greats from within the Hellenic black metal scene namely George Emmanuel (Rotting… Continue Reading →

Inferno Festival – Oslo, Norway – 4th April 2015

Day Four – Saturday 4th April Taking a short tour with my shooter around some of the records shops in Oslo could have been fatalistic to our finances but we restrained and took some more silly photos amid the piles… Continue Reading →

Krakow – amaran (Dark Essence)

Thinking back to 2009, when Krakow first emerged from Bergen, Norway (despite being named after a Polish city), their debut ‘Monolith’ didn’t really tread any new ground, but was a promising slab of weighty stoner/doom metal that spoke of huge… Continue Reading →

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