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Interview - Earth Electric (Rune Eriksen)

Interview – Earth Electric (Rune Eriksen)

There’s a new power station lighting up the grid, designed to enlighten those into progressive metal and classic rock with its timeless sound. Those behind it are not such new names though as the band rose from the ashes of much the loved Portuguese /.. Read More
Albums Of The Year 2014

Albums Of The Year 2014

  Pete Woods What a year as far as music was concerned, even if everything else is pretty much shit it is the tonic that keeps us going through it all and there has been no shortage of choice. It would not have been too.. Read More
Obsidian Kingdom - Mantiis (Season of Mist)

Obsidian Kingdom – Mantiis (Season of Mist)

Originally self-released in 2012 ‘Mantiis’ is Obsidian Kingdom’s début. The original run of 500 copies sold out, so now Season of Mist is re-releasing it so more of us get to hear it before they release their second album which they are already working on... Read More
Beyond Creation - Earthborn Evolution (Season Of Mist)

Beyond Creation – Earthborn Evolution (Season Of Mist)

This Canadian band’s debut, “The Aura” hit me like a freight train when it hit my review pile in 2012 even though it had been released in 2011 by PRC Music. The version I had was a self released effort that was then subsequently picked.. Read More
Nightbringer – Ego Dominus Tuus (Season of Mist)

Nightbringer – Ego Dominus Tuus (Season of Mist)

Nightbringer have produced an explosive piece of work here that is nothing short of electrifying at times. Gigantic riffs battling criss-crossing tremolo guitars, half a dozen different vocal styles and around 70 minutes of epic, occult-inspired black metal. On many levels this is an impressive.. Read More
Interview - Imperium Dekadenz

Interview – Imperium Dekadenz

In 2010 I latched onto German black metallers Imperium Dekadenz, a duo consisting of Horaz and Vespasian; a duo that writes complex, foreboding dark melancholic black metal music that whilst despondently doleful is equally uplifting taking the listener on a journey where acoustic pieces hitch.. Read More
Interview - Khonsu

Interview – Khonsu

Khonsu is the brainchild of the elusive and mystical brother of Obsidian C, Steffen Gronbech an artist who wishes to remain anonymous. The darker side of life with foreboding depression and hateful malice being fused into epic compositions Khonus has released “Anomlia”, a breathtaking journey.. Read More
Eths - III (Season Of Mist)

Eths – III (Season Of Mist)

Ooh matron bare breasts on an album cover, that’s not going to go down well on the record shop shelves! Mind you who the hell buys their albums in the shops nowadays and it is no doubt an artistic statement and hardly exploitative like some.. Read More
Black Sheep Wall - No Matter Where It Ends (Season Of Mist)

Black Sheep Wall – No Matter Where It Ends (Season Of Mist)

Black Sheep Wall come from California. It is clear from the first notes that in sound terms their music is the polar opposite of the Beach Boys. The constant and ominous drum, big ponderous chords and paint-stripping vocals suggest this band is a cousin of.. Read More

Terrorizer – Hordes Of Zombies

Artist: Terrorizer Title: Hordes Of Zombies Type: Album Label: Season Of Mist Records As with any outfit that released an album that was arguably a defining moment in a metal genre and then released nothing else the question begs as to whether said band really.. Read More

Drudkh – Eternal Turn Of The Wheel

Artist: Drudkh Title: Eternal Turn Of The Wheel Type: Album Label: Season Of Mist   It’s now album number nine for Drudkh, it seems like nothing is going to slow the Ukrainian horde down and stop them releasing albums. Actually it has been over a.. Read More