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Arkhe – A (S/R)

Arkhe main man András Nagy has produced some decent black metal with his main band Sear Bliss. So it was intriguing to see how that might translate into another project which promised to be drawn up from a blank sheet…. Continue Reading →

Bornholm – Inexorable Defiance (Noiseart Records)

Some years back I got hold of a copy of Bornholm’s second album “March For Glory And Revenge” and was impressed with the bands true black metal spirit pioneered by the unequalled Emperor but carrying the torch for the genre… Continue Reading →

Sear Bliss – Eternal Recurrence

Artist: Sear Bliss Title: Eternal Recurrence Type: Album Label: Candlelight Records Sear Bliss have two obvious selling points; one being that they incorporate brass instruments into their sound which is still not that common in metal, and two that they… Continue Reading →

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