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Iron Curtain – Danger Zone (Dying Victims)

This is Spanish band Iron Curtain’s fourth album, and based on the progression from Speed and NWoBHM influence through to the metal might of Priest on their last offering ‘Guilty as Charged’, I have high hopes for this. As soon… Continue Reading →

New Light Choir – Torchlight (Svart Records)

Many things came into my head while I was listening to this album, which is a good thing, but I cannot accept the claim that New Light Choir “are devoid of the trappings of retro worship”. I’d agree that “retro… Continue Reading →

Axe Steeler – On the Run (Iron Shield Records)

Columbia’s Axe Steeler plays their own brand of Teutonic heavy metal (by their own description), akin to the European scene mixing elements of the UK’s own Toledo Steel and the US band Savage Master. Essentially, this release does exactly what… Continue Reading →

Cloak – To Venomous Depths (Season of Mist)

Atlanta Georgia is not the first place one would think of when Blackened Death Rock is what is on the cards. However, Cloak hail form the Southern States and ply their trade in the same market as Watain and Tribulation…. Continue Reading →

Panzer – The Fatal Command (Nuclear Blast)

If you didn’t grab Panzer’s debut album “Send Them All To Hell” then have a quiet word with yourself over a stiff drink. It was one of the best heavy metal releases of 2014. A classic Teutonic power trio, Schmier… Continue Reading →

Walpyrgus – Walpyrgus Nights (Cruz Del Sur)

Formed 5 years ago, this American heavy metal force is born with members from Twisted Tower Dire, While Heaven Wept and Viper. My interest started when ex-Widow drummer Peter Lemieux joined the band and subsequently bought their demo tape. Roll… Continue Reading →

Screamer – Hell Machine (High Roller)

This is Swedish Screamer’s third full album, their last effort ‘Phoenix’ was pretty damn fine, so this one has a fair bit to stand up against. Thankfully, it’s all positive. Screamer continue in their quest mixing classic metal and including… Continue Reading →

Worshipper – Shadow Hymns (Tee Pee)

Consisting of some seasoned musicians from Boston USA, Worshipper unleash their debut having only been formed for a year or so. And an impressive debut it is starting with it’s interesting cover art, which is very non-committal as to the… Continue Reading →

Axel Rudi Pell – Game of Sins (SPV)

My journey with ARP started with a metal hammer 7 inch in ’89, the ex-Steeler (Deu) guitarist has made himself part of the establishment via a consistent level of releases over the years as a band of the same name,… Continue Reading →

Black Trip – Shadowline (SPV)

Black Trip were somewhat an underground find prior to their last full length studio release (‘Goin’ Under’), ‘Shadowline’ quoting the press release takes the band forward with a more personal but firmly rooted dark heavy metal rock. The immediate comparison… Continue Reading →

The Vintage Caravan – Arrival (Nuclear Blast)

My first encounter with this young Icelandic rock outfit was supporting Grand Magus in spring 2014 where I caught their last song and was immediately blown away by their energy and vibrancy. With two releases under their belts and their… Continue Reading →

Bloodbound – Stormborn (AFM)

Power Metal. Mocked by many, revered by some – but what exactly is it? For me it has encompassed so many bands that the actual genre is HUGE. In the 80’s it included acts as diverse as Running Wild, Savatage,… Continue Reading →

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