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Interview – Cybernetic Witch Cult

There are some incredibly inventive bands out there that seem to be overlooked by a mass media that laps up a non stop stream of reality show karaoke stars and massively over produced and interchangeable manufactured “idols”; as a visitor… Continue Reading →

Xtro – Harry Bromley Davenport (Second Sight)

I first heard about Xtro in slightly odd circumstances as my dad had shares in a company that had some involvement in its production. I saw some photos in a trade publication he was sent and boy do I wish… Continue Reading →

eXistenZ – David Cronenberg (101 Films)

A true auteur and one of the great visionary directors of our time, David Cronenberg’s career has been incredibly interesting to say the least. Although his films are really varied in some ways, as we will discover here they are… Continue Reading →

Hollywood Burns – Invaders (Blood Music)

“Burn Hollywood burn, taking down Tinseltown Burn Hollywood burn, burn down to the ground” a total banger of a song and just reading those words it should be going round in your head. However this is not the work of… Continue Reading →

Pestilence – Hadeon (Hammerheart)

What makes a legendary band? Is it enough to be ahead of your time? Or is it simply about writing great music? So many questions to answer all with an array of deep answers. To me a legendary band is… Continue Reading →

Apophys – Devoratis (Ultimate Massacre Productions)

Dutch technical death metal supergroup Apophys are back once again. For those who aren’t familiar with them, Apophys is composed of members who play/have played in Prostitute Disfigurement, Toxocara and God Dethroned. Having a pedigree behind them in terms of… Continue Reading →

Archspire – Relentless Mutation (Season Of Mist)

A bit of history to this Canadian band who were originally called Defenestration before changing to Archspire, they have two albums and an EP out previously all of which I have purposely not listened to prior to reviewing this third… Continue Reading →

Dragonforce – Reaching Into Infinity (EarMusic)

Dragonforce is one of those bands that you either love or loathe as the band hits us with their seventh album with new drummer Gee Anzalone showing the fans what he can do. Their last album “Maximum Overload” was a… Continue Reading →

Xoth – Invasion Of The Tentacube (S/R)

Read that album title again….”Invasion Of The Tentacube”. Maybe it’s due to being a grumpy 45 year old but I’m not usually a fan of ‘comedy metal’. There’s a place for humour but I don’t necessarily want it shoved in… Continue Reading →

Alien 2: On Earth – Ciro Ippolito (88 Films)

I have picked up nearly all of 88 Films Italian Collection imprint and been pretty pleased with most of them. It’s been a good chance to upgrade a fair few import DVD’s to hi-def Blu-ray transfers and on the whole… Continue Reading →

Iron Savior – Titancraft (AFM)

Well, Iron Savior have been exposed to a level of criticism that many of the other bands I have reviewed haven’t experienced. See, I’ve been listening to this at home, whereas many of the other albums I listen to bounce… Continue Reading →

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