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Damn The Machine: The Story Of Noise Records by David E Gehlke (Deliberation Press)

The year was 1988. And for the past 12 months a large portion of my purchases had been from the catalogue of just one record label: Noise International. I’d realised that I could pick up all the more mainstream metal… Continue Reading →

Rage – My Way (Nuclear Blast)

This may sound like a very odd statement to some people: but I find the idea of a world without Rage difficult to imagine. But, at the same time if you told me you’d never heard a single track by… Continue Reading →

Orden Ogan – Ravenhead (AFM)

German Power Metal has a history, a tradition. If you are going to step up and be the future of German Power Metal then you have to make damn sure you have it’s past covered. You can’t cover it all… Continue Reading →

Baden Metal Compilation Vol 2 – Flight Of The Griffin (Baden Metal)

Baden Metal’ (it sez ‘ere) is a German local scene support platform that has been on the go since 2002. It released it’s first compilation – an unsigned local Metal band compilation, back in 2008 called “Rise Of The Griffin”… Continue Reading →

Sacred Oath – Fallen (Wienerworld)

Sacred Oath actually recorded their (largely overlooked) debut right back in 1987! They retain their original Vocalist/Guitarist and Drummer, are American, and dubbed as Power Metal. But straight away that European/American definition of Power Metal rears it’s head and I… Continue Reading →

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