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Blind Guardian Twilight Orchestra – Legacy Of The Dark Lands (Nuclear Blast)

Let’s face it – it had to happen! I’m just amazed it took so long. From the moment I heard the orchestral version of ‘Theatre Of Pain’ as a bonus track on Blind Guardian’s fantastic “Somewhere Far Beyond” album way… Continue Reading →

Road Warrior – Power (Gates of Hell)

My first experience of this Australian band was their two track demo tape ‘Ignition’, this jumped out of the review list so I went for it. As expected, they’ve stuck to their traditional metal influences and laid them bare. For… Continue Reading →

Almanac – Kingslayer (Nuclear Blast)

Like a ruthless assassin pursuing it’s royal folly (it’s a relevant analogy, you’ll see…), Viktor Smolski’s Almanac release “Kingslayer” just one year after 2016’s highly regarded debut “Tsar”. Last year’s album was a good tsarting point (it just had to… Continue Reading →

Burning Ground – Last Day Of Light (Minotauro Records)

Although this is Burning Ground’s debut full length album, they’ve been enriching the Metal scene in their native Italy since 2002. A few line-up changes have ensued, as they always do, but the longevity in the band’s history shines through… Continue Reading →

Hamerex – Traitor (IX Music)

Hamerex are a group I have covered many times, with each release the song writing improves and they tend, more often than not, to throw a few curveballs into the mix just to make it interesting. The one thing that… Continue Reading →

Artillery – Penalty By Perception (Metal Blade)

Some thrash acts who were round during its early years have gone the distance, others have fallen by the wayside and some have gave up and regrouped and come back many years later. Danish Thrash outfit Artillery are one of… Continue Reading →

Metal Church – XI (Nuclear Blast)

Well it appears Metal Church really do go up to Eleven! …And how many reviews of this album are going to use THAT line?? Anyway, to enable them to go up to “XI”, they welcome back Mike Howe, their vocalist… Continue Reading →

Foreign – The Symphony Of The Wandering Jew Part I (S/R)

Zak Stevens (Circle II Circle/Savatage), Andy Kuntz (Vanden Plas) and Tom Englund (Evergrey). Just three of the prolific singers not on this release. Nope, none of them…but they’ve all said they’ll be on the next one! Why tell you this?… Continue Reading →

Dinner Music For the Gods – Beautiful and Treacherous (SR)

Dinner Music for the Gods. The very name conjures up images of Dionysian excess on Mount Olympus. Zeus and Poseidon hand out the olives whilst Apollo snogs a satyr behind the laurel wreath rack. Never mind what the fox would… Continue Reading →

Tragodia – Mythmaker (Kolony)

On the surface, Italy’s Tragodia seemed easy enough to pigeon-hole. Power Metal in attitude with Progressive elements. Prog/Power. And yes, the opening track fits nicely into the niche. But as the album continues it becomes evident that they aren’t really… Continue Reading →

Jackal – Cry of the Jackal (Pure Underground Records)

This is a re-release of this Dutch bands one and only album from 1989. Unfortunately originally released during traditional metal’s decline in favour of thrash in the late 80’s, this band were doing the rounds with other notable countrymen of… Continue Reading →

Lingua Mortis Orchestra – ST (Nuclear Blast)

Victor Smolski likes to push the Power Metal boundaries, he’s been doing that since he recorded his first Rage studio outing back in 2001. It’s possible Lingua Mortis Orchestra has come about because Rage founder Peavy has thought it was… Continue Reading →

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