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Blood Red Fog – Thanatotic Supremacy (Deviant Records)

Oh you filthy Finns. I got a right surprise when taking the CD out of its tray here as the insert photo shows B.R.F. the main man of this outfit looking pleased as punch as he sits on a corpse… Continue Reading →

Verge – The Process of Self-Becoming (I, Voidhanger Records)

Ferocious and meditative are not two words I’d associate with each other, but these are the words used to describe this third album by Finnish black metal band Verge. This seven track work is divided into three sections: Aesthetic, Moral… Continue Reading →

Charnel Winds – Verschränkung (Feuer Publications)

This second album release from Finland’s Charnel Winds provides the opportunity to explore what they call “apocalyptic heterodox black metal”. The patterns are bleak and irregular. In fact the patterns amount to creepy and sinister passages, not to mention torture-laden… Continue Reading →

IC Rex – Tulen Jumalat (Saturnal)

Maybe it’s Finland’s precarious position in the geopolitical landscape; maybe it’s the extreme latitude and near perpetual gloom at certain times of the year; or maybe it’s just the weather. Whatever it might be, there’s something that propels Finnish black… Continue Reading →

359 – The Path Of Ayin (Schattenkult Produktionen)

Obviously my first point of investigative journalism (otherwise known as being plain bloody nosy) here was wondering about the significance of the name of these Finns. 359, isn’t that the time the goose drunk wine, nope just ten out, how… Continue Reading →

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