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Alchemical Wake – Cassiopea (Argonauta Records)

There is something about the ethos of the sludgier and doomier realms of metal that means whilst it can be complex and layered, equally it lends itself to a stripped back and minimalistic delivery. Being born from the simple guitar/bass/drums/vocals… Continue Reading →

Charun – Mundus Cereris (Third I Rex)

Sardinian band Charun, not to be confused with Finland’s Charon, are a post rock band. The fact that Isis’s James Plotkin mastered this album says much. After getting us firmly into the groove with a swampy start, “Malacoda” sends us… Continue Reading →

Simulacro – Echi dall’abisso (Third I Rex)

I had already reviewed this elsewhere digitally when the CD turned up. With albums out all over the place it made sense to pick up with this Sardinian outfit’s second full length release where I had left off and cover… Continue Reading →

Abisso – WRNSS (Third I Rex)

Bold claims and bold associations on behalf of this Sardinian duo courtesy of their label – happily namechecking such luminaries as Deathspell Omega and Lurker of Chalice immediately places expectations on overdrive for an assault of dissonant, atmospheric black metal… Continue Reading →

VIII – Decathexis (Third I Rex)

So obscure is the artwork and sleeve of this album that unless I’d been told in advance, I would have struggled to work out that this is the second album by VIII from Sardinia. The listening experience is entirely different,… Continue Reading →

Deathcrush – Collective Brain Infektion (Casket)

I guess the first and most obvious thing about these Sardinians is their Mayhem inspired moniker. If you are expecting a lesson in dangling hands and proto-black metal here though, I am afraid you will be rather disappointed. While there… Continue Reading →

Simulacro – Fall Of The Last Idol (ATMF)

Sardinia doesn’t immediately strike me as a natural hot-bed for black metal so much as a place my mother-in-law might go for a summer break. Maybe such preconceptions are enough to drive the kind of seething hatred clearly present on… Continue Reading →

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