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R.I.P. – Street Reaper (Riding Easy Records)

“It’s early 2017, and time for more doom.” What is that a quote from, I metaphorically hear you ask? Well, it’s the opening line for my January review of R.I.P.’s first album of 2017, in fact their first album, ‘In… Continue Reading →

The Necromancers – Servants Of The Salem Girl (Ripple Music)

The Necromancers will be a new name to many, but Ripple Music (home to plenty of top Doom, Stoner and Psych bands) are relishing the task of releasing this French outfits impressive debut. Another clue to their style is that… Continue Reading →

Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard – Y Proffwyd Dwyll (New Heavy Sounds)

Welsh four piece outfit, Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard have wasted no time in following up their debut album with another slab of doom encrusted metal. One thing that is obvious from the outset is a maturity to their sound and… Continue Reading →

Saint Vitus – Live Vol. 2 (Season of Mist)

There can be little doubt that one of the doom bands with the greatest mystique and legend surrounding them are Saint Vitus, and after the recording hiatus of 17 years after ‘Die Healing’, their 2012 return with ‘Lillie: F-65’ was… Continue Reading →

Naked Star – Bloodmoon Prophecy (Voice of Azram)

There’s not a lot to say about Naked Star, the band, their Facebook page listing them as simply Tim and Jim, albeit a bit of research shows they are in order a multi-instrumentalist from Seamount and vocalist from Vampyromorpha. And… Continue Reading →

Holy Grove – S/T (Heavy Psych Sounds)

Formed in 2012, this release marks the eponymous debut album from the doom-friendly quartet from Portland, Oregon. Sounding like a mind-meld between the cauldron-staring Black Pyramid, the dynamic Blues Pills, and the fantasy riff-chucking of The Sword, Holy Grove’s self-titled… Continue Reading →

Goatess – Purgatory Under New Management (Svart)

Was it really the best part of four whole years ago that Goatess released their excellent eponymous first album? A quick look at the back of the CD sleeve assures me that this is the case. But could it be… Continue Reading →

Bretus – The Shadow Over Innsmouth (Blood Rock Records)

Let me take you on a little journey back in time, back to when I imagine the members of Italian doomsters Bretus were not even twinkles in the eyes of their parents. The year is 1982, and yours truly is… Continue Reading →

King Heavy – S/T (Cruz Del Sur)

If there was any doubt that the world is getting smaller, eponymous debut LP ‘King Heavy’ must surely be proof, being a band composed of Belgian and Chilean members who released their first EP through a French label, now coming… Continue Reading →

Wino and Conny Ochs – Freedom Conspiracy (Exile On Mainstream)

Troubadour, noun: a poet who writes verse to music.” So goes one definition in my dictionary. So what has that got to do with anything? Several years ago, just after the release of the exceptional ‘Lillie F65’, I saw an… Continue Reading →

Damnation Festival – Leeds University 1/11/14

It’s time for the most hectic day of the year with no less than 27 bands playing over four stages. Celebrating its tenth year anniversary Damnation Festival has risen from strength to strength and actually sold out here today. It’s… Continue Reading →

Rainbows Are Free – Waves Ahead of the Ocean (Guest Room Records)

Where to start the review for ‘Waves Ahead of the Ocean’, the second album by Oklahoman weirdness merchants Rainbows Are Free?  Firstly, kudos to them for the best song title I’ve come across in years in the form of opening… Continue Reading →

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