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Necrodeath – The Age Of Dead Christ (Scarlet / Terror From Hell)

Although Necrodeath have been going since 1985 it was after they took a ten year break that I originally discovered them through their comeback album Mater Of All Evil. It was hardly surprising our paths would cross due to the… Continue Reading →

Apostate Viaticum – Before The Gates Of Gomorrah (Invictus Productions)

Arising from the ashes of Morphosis, Dubliners (no not them) Apostate Viaticum have delivered a right tasty slab of crushing old school DM on this, their debut album. Now although this is a debut album, this band are not a… Continue Reading →

Foreseen – Helsinki Savagery (20 Buck Spin)

This début by the Finnish quintet kicks right where it hurts and then does some foot stomping to add another tear to your eye. What they lack in finesse they more than make up for with pure aggression and a… Continue Reading →

Hybris – Heavy Machinery (Candlelight)

Forming in 2010, Hybris already have quite the pedigree in the UK metal scene. This is due to the fact their members consist of former members of sludge monsters Centurions Ghost, a former member from classic heavy metal crew Stuka… Continue Reading →

Deathstorm – As Death Awakes (IHate)

Out of the ashes of Damage rose Deathstorm, an Austrian trio that give more than a passing nod to the 80’s German thrash legends they worship. Be assured that if you still enjoy ‘Endless Pain’ you should grab this album…. Continue Reading →

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