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Insanity alert – 666 Pack (Season Of Mist)

Party thrash. The antithesis of Straight Edge. Beer kegs. Steins. Dayglo toxic waste. Big brimmed caps and hi top trainers.  Music for drinking not thinking. Fans of Municipal Waste, Gama Bomb and F.K.U will love these Austrian fellas. The tracklisting is… Continue Reading →

Burn The Priest – Legion XX (Nuclear Blast)

When you are celebrating your 20th anniversary as a band, usually the normal thing to do is release re-mastered reissues, do a live album/DVD or a special tour which may involve former members. Lamb of God instead have decided to… Continue Reading →

Venomous Concept – Kick Me Silly – VCIII (Season Of Mist)

If ever there was a grind super-group then Venomous Concept are it! Kevin Sharp, Dan Lilker, Shane Embury, Danny Herrera.  These fella’s musical pedigrees  are immense and, joining these heavy hitters on this, their third LP is John Cooke (Corrupt… Continue Reading →

Interview – Birth A.D.

I Blame You is the debut album from Texans Birth A.D. Playing a style of crossover thrash not really heard since the glory days of the 80’s it pretty much slapped me silly and is an album that I have… Continue Reading →

Cemetery Lust – Orgies Of Abomination (Hells Headbangers)

Calling yourself Cemetery Lust and describing your musical style as rapethrash means that you are either going for the antagonistic troll method of gaining notoriety or the misguided fratboy style. With these guys the balance is about 60:40 in favour… Continue Reading →

P.T.O.M.A. – Shit Into Existence (S/R)

Some bands really take themselves and what they do incredibly seriously. This is of course absolutely fine, if it suits the music & image, Watain for example are a great example. Some bands don’t and enjoy having a bit of… Continue Reading →

F.K.Ü. – 4: Rise of the Mosh Mongers (Napalm)

F.K.Ü. (that’s Freddy Kruger’s Ünderwear to the uninitiated!) return once more for their fourth album of crazy, horror inspired fun thrash metal (let’s face it – their lyrics were never going to be pondering deep meaningful issues or attempting to… Continue Reading →

Municipal Waste – The Fatal Feast (Nuclear Blast)

Some time around 2007 you couldn’t go anywhere without some  dude wearing a Municipal Waste shirt thinking he/she looked cool and sporting the latest in fashion metal as the band was everywhere, adorning front covers of mags and getting rave… Continue Reading →

Ministry – Relapse (13th Planet)

Right Al whether you want a ‘rantology’ or not here comes mine! What the blue rinse fuck are you up to man? First we get all this crap spouted from you about the group being over, for good, forever, never… Continue Reading →

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