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Russian Circles

Cortege – Capricorn (S/R)

In the spirit of full transparency, I have copied and pasted two sentences that I think probably do a better job than I will in 500 or so words, at describing what I have just listened to on this latest… Continue Reading →

Russian Circles – Blood Year (Sargent House)

Having just journeyed to Chicago on a work trip, I was amazed at how many music venues and venues playing host to live music there seemed to be. The city seemed to be steeped and influenced by music in a… Continue Reading →

Lost In Kiev – Persona (Pelagic Records)

Parisians, Lost In Kiev, return with this their third full length effort that see’s the band step off their well-trodden path of long form epic stanzas of alt/math rock mini operas and segue into shorter more direct songs. It feels… Continue Reading →

Dronte – Quelque part entre la guerre et la lâcheté (Apathia)

Seven musicians create some sort of fusion. With a double bass and a saxophone in tow, the Beatles, Russian Circles, Napalm Death, Meshuggah and Rimsky-Korsakov are amongst many from many classical and modern pop and metal genres who get mentioned… Continue Reading →

Labirinto – Gehenna (Pelagic)

Brazil’s Labirinto have made quite a name for themselves in South America and beyond, their nine releases, two of which are full lengths, have earned them a reputation as one of the heavy hitters of the post rock genre. The… Continue Reading →

Istvan – ST (Aural)

When an album flows this well you just know there’s skill and no small amount of inspiration coming from somewhere. There’s plenty to go on in the stoner-rock-meets-doom lineage is one of the longest in metal and surely too the… Continue Reading →

Pg. Lost – Versus (Pelagic)

Having previously written music with effect-saturated vocals, the Swedish quartet have gone for instrumental, more synth-driven pieces this time around, apparently due to Kristian Karlsson’s (bass, vocals) recent heavy touring schedule playing keys with Cult of Luna. Guitarist Gustav Almberg… Continue Reading →

Arrakis – Ammu Dia (Self-Released)

Instrumental metal isn’t necessarily everyone’s cup of tea but it’s most certainly a genre that lends itself to emotional abandonment. And with post-metal burgeoning, it seems everyone’s at it these days. Another for the melting pot, Greek three-piece Arrakis formed… Continue Reading →

Ø L T E N – Mode (Hummus)

“Olten is a little town in Switzerland. And we put the “/” because we are Vikings”, said the Swiss trio when asked for meaning of their name by Metal Glory back in October 2013. Ø L T E N released… Continue Reading →

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