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Transmaniacon – The Strange World Of Suzie Pellet (New Heavy Sounds)

Just who is Suzie and why is her world strange? Plenty of questions to answer here. Well apparently she is the creation of author Ian Miller whose work has stretched to book, art, graphic novels and films. She is a… Continue Reading →

Cold In Berlin – The Comfort Of Loss And Dust (Candlelight)

After hearing and enjoying two albums by Cold In Berlin it was particularly interesting filling in the gaps and seeing the band live for the first time when they played the Candlefest last year. Cast somewhat adrift amidst bands more… Continue Reading →

Diamond Lil – ST (High Roller)

Diamond Lil eh? Sounds like a right character, perhaps from around the old East End, a lady not to be messed with as she may cut you with a blade just like a diamond. She is a fearsome character a… Continue Reading →

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