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Untervoid – S/T (Osmose Productions)

The duo that comprises this Polish outfit are established members within the country’s extreme metal scene. Adam Sierżęga, aka A, and Konrad Ramotowski, aka Destroyer, have done their service in the underground via acts such as Azarath, Armagedon for the… Continue Reading →

Greytomb – Monumental Microcosm (Transcending Obscurity)

This Australian band’s debut in 2016, “A Perpetual Descent”, plunged listeners into a quagmire of atmospheric murky blackened horror linking outright riffing malfeasance with dramatic soundscapes that surrounded the songs on multiple levels. Not much has changed generally as the… Continue Reading →

Zifir – Kingdom Of Nothingness (Duplicate)

I have no idea what being a black metal band in Turkey is like, but if you believe news I suspect it must be increasingly difficult. Two piece Zifir though (Onur Onok and Nursuz respectively) have been doing this for… Continue Reading →

Shaarimoth – Temple Of The Adversarial Fire (World Terror Committee)

Judging by the band name and the fact this band is from Norway one would assume that this is a black metal band. An assumption that proves unfounded on this sophomore following a debut called “Current 11” released over a… Continue Reading →

Liber Null – I, The Serpent (Osmose)

Thorns (drums) who seems to head up this band has his fingers in multiple bands with Blut Aus Nord being the most recognised. Ably assisted by Ades (guitar and bass ) and Psaalm on vocals this debut release is packed… Continue Reading →

Root – Kärgeräs – Return from Oblivion (Agonia Records)

Before receiving this album, I couldn’t have told you how many albums Root have released. It just seems they have been around forever. “Kärgeräs – Return from Oblivion” is in fact the band’s tenth. I own one of them –… Continue Reading →

Torc – Tóny Annwnu (Murderous Music Production)

Feeling like a limb has been cut off and you have been thrown to the wolves to defend for yourself? Well that’s certainly the political climate in the UK at the moment for many. Not that this should have anything… Continue Reading →

Saligia – Fønix (Ván)

If you didn’t know Saligia is a mnemonic for the seven deadly sins in Latin which are superbia, avaritia, luxuria, invidia, gula, ira and acedia as the Norwegian duo of Ahzari (vocals, guitar and bass) and V (drums) deliver five… Continue Reading →

Blackosh – Whores, Booze & Black Metal (Iron Bonehead)

Formed in 2010 by Root founder Petr “Blackie” Hošek, Blackosh was conceived as a vehicle by which he could recapture the vibe of his former band’s vibrant early ’90s works. Having evolved gradually around a core of maniacs the band… Continue Reading →

Nebiros – VII (Folter Records)

This struck as being strange and an unexpected form of darkness than the straightforward black metal I had anticipated and it pretty much cast its spell over me on the very first listen. Nebiros are a Polish band with the… Continue Reading →

Vainaja – Kadotetut (Svart)

Authors of just one release so far – 2011’s ‘Kahleiden Kantaja’ single – you could hardly call Vainaja a prolific act. Furthermore, the Finns are in fact rather mysterious, consisting of three members known simply as The Gravedigger (drums), The… Continue Reading →

Bleeding Fist – Deaths Old Stench (Moribund)

Slovenian black metal act Bleeding Fist has seen fit to release a selection of tunes previously unreleased and recorded over the period of 2011 and 2013 for your delights. Quite often the Eastern European countries unleash some of the most… Continue Reading →

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