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Junkpile Jimmy – Wants You Dead (Cartel Ilustre)

Err…where to start. Ok, somewhere around 2005 when this was originally recorded and shelved by I assume Jimmy I guess. Or whoever the Californian behind this is. Yeah. Now it’s here. Just what the…   what the Hell is it? Well… Continue Reading →

Dool – Here Now, There Then (Prophecy Productions)

Dutch band Dool (apparently it means ‘wander’) have coalesced around ex- The Devil’s Blood bassist and drummer Job van de Zande and Micha Haringfrom respectively. As such they unavoidably bring a certain amount of baggage with them for me as… Continue Reading →

Ghost – If You Have Ghost (Universal)

I have just been listening to Roky Erickson, Abba, Army Of Lovers and Depeche Mode. Why on earth I would be doing that is a good question even if I do own several albums by one of the artists on… Continue Reading →

Bloody Hammers – Spiritual Relics (Soulseller)

There’s a moment on this album when I realised that US band Bloody Hammers share more than just a name with Roky Erickson; they also have that unnerving ability to sound as though they are speaking only to you and… Continue Reading →

The Devil’s Blood – III: Tabula Rasa Or Death And The Seven Pillars (Van)

The Devil’s Blood were special. I heard their demo and it blew me away with its blend of 70s psyche/occult rock infused by their love of artists like the great Roky Erickson and driving, song orientated metal with a touch… Continue Reading →

Bloody Hammers – ST (Soulseller Records)

Even if the (I assume) influenced by Roky Erickson name doesn’t give it away, Bloody Hammers are another in the now saturated Seventies psyche/doom scene. The plus side to this is that unlike say, the metalcore scene, so far there… Continue Reading →

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