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Interview - Kremlin

Interview – Kremlin

“Five-seated spacious craft with an unsteady hyper drive and a hazy transmission equipment” reads Kremlin’s Facebook bio. A sci-fi description of a band whose very sound encapsulates the genre of science fiction; however, it wasn’t always this way for Finnish quintet Kremlin. “Kremlin started up.. Read More
Interview - All Them Witches

Interview – All Them Witches

If psychedelic rock is your thing, then All Them Witches are doubtless a band you’ll have heard of and listen to frequently – the dynamic Nashville quartet managed to sell the Lexington in Islington out so quickly that a second date had to be added.. Read More
Interview - Royal Thunder

Interview – Royal Thunder

Atlanta four-piece Royal Thunder are busy tugging heartstrings and capturing our imaginations with ‘Wick’, their third studio album and first on Spinefarm Records. While having described it as “the hardest one to make” out of all of their records, the band are relieved to see.. Read More
Petyr – S/T (Outer Battery Records)

Petyr – S/T (Outer Battery Records)

When your father is Tony Hawk, the man most famously known for helping launch ‘vert’ skateboarding into the spotlight, along with being the name to one of Activision/Ubisoft’s longest running cash cow gaming franchises (Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series), it is going to need something.. Read More
Avatarium - Hurricanes and Halos (Nuclear Blast)

Avatarium – Hurricanes and Halos (Nuclear Blast)

Jeez Leif – take a break man! I’ve only just reviewed Candlemass (and the rest…) bassist Leif Edling’s impressive Doomsday Project album earlier this year and here’s a new Avatarium album vying for attention. I’m sure right now he’s working on some new Candlemass stuff,.. Read More
Alfahanne - Det Nya Svarta (Indie)

Alfahanne – Det Nya Svarta (Indie)

Back around January 2014 Swedish reprobates Alfahanne really burst on the scene with debut album Alfapokalypse. It was a breath of rotten air bolstered by an urgent clamouring punked up backbone that took in various different ideas throughout its short, sharp running time. Driven by.. Read More
Royal Thunder – Wick (Spinefarm)

Royal Thunder – Wick (Spinefarm)

Grabbing the chance to wade into Royal Thunder’s world is always a bit of a pleasure. The Atlantan quartet are right up my alley often warping the softer edges of classic rock and grunge with deft psych touches to create a warm, unctuous sound. New album, Wick,.. Read More
Atavismo – Inerte (Temple of Torturous)

Atavismo – Inerte (Temple of Torturous)

With a promise of less space rock and experimentation than on their debut album “Desintegración”, Atavismo return with “Inerte”. From jam sessions, Atavismo put the finished structure of their self-proclaimed progressive and psychedelic rock pieces together. “Pan Y Dolor” (Bread and Pain), which opens the.. Read More
Black Magic Six- Choose Death (Svart)

Black Magic Six- Choose Death (Svart)

“Black Magic Six sounds like a Satan´s masterplan, the organs of Stalin and a howl of a Kallio-werewolf – all mixed together.” Or so says the PR. You can see why my interest was peaked!  “Choose Death” is the fourth full length from this heavy accented.. Read More
Troubled Horse – Revolution on Repeat (Rise Above)

Troubled Horse – Revolution on Repeat (Rise Above)

Örebro (pronounced in the most Swedish way you can imagine and not as I once did, making it sound like a famous German sweet manufacturer) is an extremely pleasant town with a nice castle. It is also home to my favourite Swedish football team. The.. Read More
Beth Blade & The Beautiful Disasters - Bad Habit (S/R)

Beth Blade & The Beautiful Disasters – Bad Habit (S/R)

This is the debut album from Cardiff rockers Beth Blade & The Beautiful Disasters, a result of a lot of groundwork and a successful pledge campaign, which appears to be a common occurrence in today’s music scene with the lack of label funding going around... Read More
Leaflet - Outta Door (VR Records)

Leaflet – Outta Door (VR Records)

Leaflet? Really? I mean it’s kinda like calling yourself Junk Mail or Takeaway Menu. Still I thought it made a little sense when the CD declared all but one song was written by singer and guitarist ‘J Leaflet’ even if it seemed unlikely with the.. Read More