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Me And That Man - Songs Of Love And Death (Cooking Vinyl)

Me And That Man – Songs Of Love And Death (Cooking Vinyl)

Here’s a thing and a half. I mean the name of the group is only a little curious whereas the album title is a bit underwhelming and maybe the third or fourth one in my collection with that exact title. Then you notice that this.. Read More
Fäulnis – Antikult (Grau)

Fäulnis – Antikult (Grau)

Out of the blue a sudden announcement came that German Sickblackartists Fäulnis were preparing a new album and I patiently awaited it to fall in my promo in-tray downloading it the second it did. From then I have been immersing myself back in their somewhat.. Read More
Black Mirrors - Funky Queen (Napalm)

Black Mirrors – Funky Queen (Napalm)

Debut four track EP from Belgian rockers Black Mirrors with a title that for me promises lots and threatens about the same; the kind of title that suggests female singer, low-slung guitar swagger in a doomy style and if you’re lucky a bucket load of.. Read More
GOLD – Optimist (Vàn)

GOLD – Optimist (Vàn)

I really appreciated the originality of GOLD’s previous album “No Image”, which mixed a gothic darkwave style with strong song structures. So too “Optimist” is dark and sinister. Hypnotising and moody rhythms, shadowy sounds and a haunting female vocal line are at the heart of.. Read More
Dool - Here Now, There Then (Prophecy Productions)

Dool – Here Now, There Then (Prophecy Productions)

Dutch band Dool (apparently it means ‘wander’) have coalesced around ex- The Devil’s Blood bassist and drummer Job van de Zande and Micha Haringfrom respectively. As such they unavoidably bring a certain amount of baggage with them for me as I loved TDB. The PR.. Read More
Lecherous Gaze – One Fifteen (Tee Pee)

Lecherous Gaze – One Fifteen (Tee Pee)

The second I started to listen to this album, I thought “California”. Lecherous Gaze, who quote Chuck Berry and The Damned as liked artists, in fact come from Oakland, so the grittier end of the state. Intriguingly, they describe their own music as “Psycho-delic shred-tastic.. Read More
Sticky Boys – Calling The Devil  (Listenable Records)

Sticky Boys – Calling The Devil (Listenable Records)

There are frankly an incomprehensible number of genres and sub-genres in the music that I, and as a reader of this website you presumably love. A wee scan through the couple of hundred gigabytes of albums I have ripped to iTunes (other music software is.. Read More
My Dynamite - Otherside (Listenable Records)

My Dynamite – Otherside (Listenable Records)

Straight off the bat, this album represents a style that isn’t on Ave Noctum’s playlists and is also different to what one might usually see on this label’s roster. However, the folks over at Listenable Records sent a copy over so we gave it a.. Read More
Interview - Truckfighters

Interview – Truckfighters

Friday night in Angel and there’s a steady gathering at the Islington O2 ahead of the Truckfighters’ second last UK gig. I am escorted to their dressing room where I’m introduced to Niklas “Dango” Källgren, who is calmly noodling away on a shiny black Gibson.. Read More
Planet Of Zeus, Helhorse, Wicked Stone – London The Borderline 27/11/2016

Planet Of Zeus, Helhorse, Wicked Stone – London The Borderline 27/11/2016

God sized sounds are about to envelop The Borderline as Greek riff lords, Planet Of Zeus return to London after a brief string of dates across the U.K. There’s plenty of patriotic countrymen milling about to catch their heroes and a whiff of anticipation for.. Read More
Queen Elephantine - Kala (Transcending Obscurity)

Queen Elephantine – Kala (Transcending Obscurity)

With a production value as rough as a hangover, Queen Elephantine cast a little one-take stardust over their music. It’s lo-fi and dissolute. Hearing them recorded can’t be far away from the aural experience of seeing them live. Feedback and fuzz are their friends. Farting.. Read More
Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell – Keep It Greasy! (Rise Above)

Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell – Keep It Greasy! (Rise Above)

According to historical record Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell was a highly decorated 17th Century British naval officer, parliamentarian for Rochester, Commissioner of the Sewers with a duty to the upkeep of the banks of the River Thames, and following his death at sea was interred.. Read More