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Lucy In Blue – In Flight (Karisma)

Coming from a label that generally houses prog and rock bands, I had a reasonable idea what to expect here, at least in terms of generic musical style. Lucy in Blue are from Iceland, and take their inspiration from psychedelic… Continue Reading →

Riverside – Wasteland (Inside Out)

I hold Riverside in very high esteem. By far one of the better acts within the progressive umbrella, I’ve been an admirer of the band since I stumbled across their debut back in 2003. I saw them rise in ability… Continue Reading →

Vinsta – Wiads (Trollmusic)

I confess that I know very little (please wait for me to finish my sentence before agreeing…) about Vinsta. It appears to be pretty much a solo project by multi-instrumentalist Christian Höll and Vinsta’s facebook page has some really great… Continue Reading →

Brain Story – madeinside (S/R)

A Polish guy called Mariusz Kumala has created a progressive psychedelic rock project depicting musical space travel. “madeinside” is its latest incarnation. “madeinside” is indeed like a journey through the clouds. Echoing, synthesised voices, cosmic interventions and other wordliness are… Continue Reading →

The Chant – Approacher (Lifeforce)

We’ve got some gothic-tinged dark melancholic atmospheric rock/metal on our hands here from where else than Finland. As I’ve mentioned before, the pedigree Scandinavia has for the dark and slightly morose is plentiful, as we are all aware, and The… Continue Reading →

Riverside London Islington Assembly Hall 22/5/17

Riverside were without support. They don’t need support. They weren’t alone either. Their reputation goes before them, so a good sized crowd of all ages convened downstairs and upstairs at the Islington Assembly Hall, breaking the recent trend of low… Continue Reading →

Dreamwalkers Inc – Aphrodisia (Layered Reality Productions)

This four track EP is a taster for Mr Dreamwalker and his band’s forthcoming double album, which will comprise one light and one dark experience. Damnation and Deliverance, maybe? But that’s to come. Mr Dreamwalker is in fact Dutch musician… Continue Reading →

Delvoid – Serene (Cocoon Productions)

Delvoid are a post prog rock band from Norway whose work has been likened to Tool, Sigur Ròs, Isis and even Opeth. From the instrumental and spooky intro, it is evident that their output has care and precision. This leads… Continue Reading →

Vanden Plas – Chronicles of the Immortals – Netherworld II (Frontiers)

It’s strange how things happen. As you probably know, here at Ave Noctum we all do an album of the year list, and to remind myself of formatting I was just refreshing my memory looking at the one I did… Continue Reading →

Riverside – Love, Fear and the Time Machine (Inside Out Music)

I was recently reminded that the point of writing is to fix movement to the page so that when the reader comes along it moves again. Good prog music is like this too. Of course not all bands manage to… Continue Reading →

Scapes – One:Unseen:One (Nihil Ultra)

I heard just one song, opening track ‘Caring Is Gone’, and I rather leapt at the chance of hearing more. A brand new band from Finland settling themselves nicely in that awkward-to-categorize genre often (and rather loosely) classified as Dark… Continue Reading →

Witherscape – The Inheritance (Century Media)

In the Metal world Dan Swanö really should need no introduction. As one of the cornerstones of the Swedish Metal scene, he has (officially) performed on more than 30 different albums with bands as diverse as Edge of Sanity, Bloodbath,… Continue Reading →

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