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Akolyth – Akolyth (Amor Fati)

“Ritualistic” is a not a word naturally paired with blasting percussion, frenzied riffs and howling vocals, but it has recently become de riguer for black metal bands to promote themselves as such. Frankly I blame Behemoth and their overuse of… Continue Reading →

Temple Nightside – Condemnation (Nuclear Winter Records)

“Ritualistic Death Metal Necromancy” is what they call this. That’s Metal of Death rather then the genre, I’d say. This thoroughly blackened slab from Australia is as black as it gets – hissing prophets in blackened corridors of hopelessness and… Continue Reading →

Master Musicians of Bukkake – Far West (Important Records)

This is a work of the imagination for the imagination. “What happens when you travel so far east looking for enlightenment that you’re your destination and are headed west again?” they ask. Inspired by the Wicker Man soundtrack, “Far West”… Continue Reading →

Dark Awake – Epi Thanaton (Rage In Eden)

I could not help noticing that this is on a record label that shares the same name as Ultravox classic album from 1981 but let me assure you that all similarities end there. Dark Awake are an intriguing proposition and… Continue Reading →

Cultes Des Ghoules – Henbane (Hell’s Headbangers)

With a lively crash of thunder this Polish Culte flings open the crypt doors once again, makes a racket for an hour and creeps back home just as the sun begins to rise. This is dramatic horror fuelled black metal… Continue Reading →

Behexen – Nightshade Emanations (Debemur Morti)

Behexen don’t exactly rush things. It seems to take them a full four years between albums and if like me you managed to miss the last one 2008 release ‘My Soul For His Glory’ that takes you back a long… Continue Reading →

Goatpsalm – Erset La Tari (Aesthetic Death)

I would say here is something new and different from Aesthetic Death but frankly everything we get from this label is different and the acts they sign are all quite unique and at times unclassifiable. With Goatpsalm we take a… Continue Reading →

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