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Discipline – Captives of the Wine Dark Sea (The Laser's Edge)

Discipline – Captives of the Wine Dark Sea (The Laser’s Edge)

I’ll have to ‘fess up, that despite liking to intersperse my metal with a liberal helping of Prog, I’d never heard of Discipline until their new label The Laser’s Edge sent over ‘Captives of the Wine Dark Sea’ for review. This is despite the band.. Read More
Arcadea – S/T (Relapse)

Arcadea – S/T (Relapse)

So with Mastodon’s newest genre-bending long-player hot off the press and filling our stomachs with meaty melodies, their drummer/backing vocalist, Brann Dailor, has seen it fit to offer us up a side-helping of psychedelic, synthetic electronica. That boy is a goddamn machine!. Joining forces with.. Read More
Tuliterä  – Tulikaste  (S/R)

Tuliterä – Tulikaste (S/R)

Unlike many folks I know, I don’t have a problem with instrumental albums. Many of the albums I own and play fall into that category, albeit they all seem to be by bands called ‘Symphony’ something or the something ‘Orchestra’; yep, like many metal heads.. Read More
Aeonsgate – Pentalpha  (Church Within)

Aeonsgate – Pentalpha (Church Within)

The place is Latveria, and on upon his iron throne, the absolute monarch of the country Doctor Victor Von Doom seethes within the armour that is his battle suit and second skin.  “How is it that I am again defeated by the Fantastic Four?  Am.. Read More
Echo Us – II:XI A Priori Memoriae (Dust On The Tracks)

Echo Us – II:XI A Priori Memoriae (Dust On The Tracks)

“This album….is something that even the top of the class Mike Oldfield was not able to achieve through decades of work”; wow!  That little quote was from the blurb that was slipped into the CD case with my promotional copy of ‘II:XI, A Priori Memoriae’.. Read More
Words Of Farewell – The Black Wild Yonder (AFM)

Words Of Farewell – The Black Wild Yonder (AFM)

Now I must say, I took a bit of a punt on this one when it became available for review. ‘Why not try something a bit different?’ I thought. After all, a bit of variation once in a while does no harm. The only problem.. Read More
Linear Sphere - Manvantara (SR)

Linear Sphere – Manvantara (SR)

Linear Sphere set themselves the ambitious task of tracing mankind’s journey through the ages. Ambitious is a good way to describe “Manvantara”, the band’s carefully constructed second album. The opener “Origin” is much more than a scene setter and musically a guide of what is.. Read More