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Delain & cyHra Manchester Ritz 7/2/20

Delain have come a long way since my first encounter with them, back in 2009, at the Femme Metal Festival, housed in The Birmingham Asylum, and I saw the band play to approx. 20 devotees, who must have all been… Continue Reading →

Twilight Force – Dawn Of The Dragonstar (Nuclear Blast)

It’s possible, within in the grand Metal scheme of things, it strikes me that there is no such thing as a one hundred percent serious Symphonic Power Metal Band. They are 100% committed, don’t get me wrong, I’m talking about… Continue Reading →

Northtale – Welcome To Paradise (Nuclear Blast)

OK, so as this is the band’s debut, maybe I should just mention how Northtale (NorthTale or North Tale whichever you prefer) came to be. U.D.O. guitarist Bill Hudson decided upon his departure from that band that what he really… Continue Reading →

Bloodbound – Rise Of The Dragon Empire (AFM)

It’s simple really. Do you like Melodic Power Metal? Do you like that Melodic Power Metal to have bombastic Symphonic arrangements? And big, memorable choruses? Do you…like Dragons…? Do you? Do you really? Then you will love Bloodbound! Previous album… Continue Reading →

Ancient Bards – Origine (The Black Crystal Sword Saga Part 2) (Limb Music)

Part 2? What the hell happened to part 1? I was sure Ancient Bards’ previous album was called “A New Dawn Ending” back in 2014. Further investigation shows that this is actually a continuation of the story from their debut… Continue Reading →

Nanowar Of Steel – Stairway To Valhalla (S/R)

Comedy and parody in music is a thorny subject. For every Chicken Song there is a Doctorin the Tardis. Hell, let’s face it the Chicken song was only funny when we were kids. (apologies to anyone under 35 who hasn’t… Continue Reading →

Dragonforce – Reaching Into Infinity (EarMusic)

Dragonforce is one of those bands that you either love or loathe as the band hits us with their seventh album with new drummer Gee Anzalone showing the fans what he can do. Their last album “Maximum Overload” was a… Continue Reading →

Twilight Force – Heroes Of Mighty Magic (Nuclear Blast)

We live in confusing musical times. Bands change styles without warning, key members leave, two bands even exist at the same time with the same name. Familiar, dependable bands can become a disappointment and yet other unexpected artists surprise and… Continue Reading →

Sensorium – The Art Of Living (S/R)

I’ve had quite a few Israeli bands in my review pile this month from various quarters as this sextet releases a debut of ambitious power metal complete with soaring operatic vocals. I have a penchant for this scene that started… Continue Reading →

Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody – Prometheus: Symphonia Ignis Divinus (Nuclear Blast)

The unexpected passing of Mr Chistopher Lee, a contributor to five of Rhapsody’s albums before divergent paths undertaken by the bands founders was somewhat ironic given the timing of Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody’s second ambitious symphonic and bombastic interpretation of how… Continue Reading →

Unleash The Archers – Time Stands Still (Napalm)

There’ve been a lot of rule books torn up in recent years and even power metal hasn’t been immune to the occasional redraft. Taking those essential ingredients and either amplifying them beyond what any common sense would deem rational or… Continue Reading →

Epica – The Quantum Enigma (Nuclear Blast)

  “Pushing The Envelope”. On the surface a strange phrase, but something I often say that Epica do with their Symphonic Metal genre – so I thought I’d better check exactly what it means; To attempt to extend the current… Continue Reading →

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