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Rhapsody Of Fire – The Eighth Mountain (AFM)

So the Italian cinematic power metal maestros are back with their 11th album, some three years after the awesome “Into The Legend” release. I am discounting the “Legendary Years” album as a full length because it is a re-recorded compilation,… Continue Reading →

Serious Black – Magic (AFM)

Three albums in as many years is a feat many established bands have long since forgone, making this something only seen in the past. Thankfully, Serious Black are bringing this trend back, matching the sheer drive of bands with ‘lesser… Continue Reading →

Bloodbound – War Of Dragons (AFM)

I’m familiar with Bloodbound already, but this time the album title piqued my interest even further. Regular readers will know I’m partial to a bit of dragon imagery within the realms of Power Metal. Yes, dragons can be a bit… Continue Reading →

Serious Black – Mirrorworld (AFM)

Serious Black, The ‘Allstar Power Metal’ band are back again. 18 months on from their debut effort “As Daylight Breaks” which was a respectable, melodic slice of European inspired Power Metal leaning to the more melodic side of the musical… Continue Reading →

Devin Townsend Project – Transcendence (Inside Out)

Fans of Devin Townsend must be the luckiest in the metal industry if sheer volume is any measure. I count 21 full-length releases since Strapping Young Lad’s 1995 album Heavy As A Really Heavy Thing and that’s not to mention… Continue Reading →

Rhapsody Of Fire – Into The Legend (AFM)

I was aware of this latest effort from Rhapsody Of Fire well before it came up for review and pre-ordered the geeky dragon statue version of the release plus a coloured vinyl to placate my vinyl addiction some time ago…. Continue Reading →

Magic Kingdom – Savage Requiem (AFM)

Magic Kingdom…Magic Kingdom…oh yeah, debuted in 1999 with an album of decent Power Metal struggling through ropey production and wrapped in a terrible cover! Well, everyone has to start somewhere and follow-up “Metallic Tragedy”, belied it’s portentous title and was… Continue Reading →

Derdian – Human Reset (S/R)

  I had the pleasure of reviewing Derdian’s last release, 2013’s self released “Limbo” for Ave Noctum, and the biggest surprise that 2014 holds (other than that the band have trusted me to review them again!) is that they still… Continue Reading →

Dragonhammer – The X Experiment (My Kingdom)

Italian Power Metal and Dragons. It’s almost a given isn’t it? Dragon-this, Dragon-that…so what do we have here? Dragonhammer eh? A Dragon with a penchant for woodwork maybe? OK, safety goggles at the ready, let’s see if I can hit… Continue Reading →

Rhapsody Of Fire – Dark Wings Of Steel (AFM)

That’s a bloody dragon isn’t it? Right there on the front cover! They just can’t resist it can they – they’re obsessed! I had to look twice though, making it grey and almost spectre-like has disguised it a little (I… Continue Reading →

Dragonforce – The Power Within (Electric Generation Recordings)

Arguably Dragonforce, called Dragonheart originally when I saw them prior to their huge current popularity supporting Stratovarius, pioneered the UK’s power metal surge into a scene that was and probably still is European dominated. Having now seen the band countless… Continue Reading →

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