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The Temple – Forevermourn (I Hate)

Candlemass, Solstice, Warning, Isole, Mirror Of Deception, Scald, Reverend Bizarre. When you see those bands cited as influences not only do you know the band has great taste, but also that they are drinking from the source and that you… Continue Reading →

Our Survival Depends On Us – Scouts On The Borderline Between The Physical And Spiritual World (Ván)

I’m not sure what I was expecting from the grammatically ambiguous Our Survival Depends On Us but safe to say it wasn’t this. Clues to the band’s obscure title are there to be found within Scouts On The Borderline… but… Continue Reading →

Tähtiportti – Tähtiportti (Svart)

I was disappointed the last time I reviewed a heavy techno album from Finland, but faced now with the promise of something “left field”, for which I’ve always been a sucker, and the unmissable invitation to “open my bowels”, I… Continue Reading →

Caronte – Church of Shamanic Goetia (Van)

This is Italy’s answer to the likes of Electric Wizard, Reverend Bizarre and with some vocals that sound sometimes like Danzig. Essentially this is tripped out, heavy as hell doom. Even after the first listen, this is an awesome release…. Continue Reading →

Interview – The Order of Israfel

Doom metal seems to get better and better these days and so it shouldn’t be a surprise when the genre casually throws up a band like The Order of Israfel totally out of the blue. Well, not quite out of… Continue Reading →

Opium Warlords – Taste My Sword of Understanding (Svart)

Svart Records are really firing on all cylinders at the moment. This small, independent label is currently home to such underground stars as Brutus, In-Graved, Domovoyd, Tombstoned, and if you use the search function here with Svart as the criteria,… Continue Reading →

E-Musikgruppe Lux Ohr – Spiralo (Svart)

Those strange boffins are back dabbling in dimensions in time and space and following up on debut album Kometenbahn from last year. As far as the time is concerned they are manipulating frequencies from around the 70’s and 80’s when… Continue Reading →

Cardinal’s Folly – Strange Conflicts Of The Past (Shadow Kingdom)

Sometimes it’s re-acquainting yourself with the past that brings the present into sharpest relief; the state of true doom metal being the case in point here. True doom was assailed by the rise of stoner some years back, just as… Continue Reading →

E-Musikgruppe Lux Ohr – Kometenbahn (Svart)

Well even with a basic grasp of German you should know what an Autobahn is and with Kometbahn it’s not difficult to guess we are heading to space along with the comet’s path. Then there is the name of the… Continue Reading →

Chowder – Passion Rift (I, Voidhanger Records)

The best southern stoner doom is intense in a way that makes some death metal bands sound like a Sunday afternoon spent on thebowling greenwith your grandparents. It feels like the heaviest of prog metal bands has been taken over… Continue Reading →

Pilgrim – Misery Wizard (Metal Blade)

I’ve been a bit of a doom hound since the early 90’s. This intensified during the mid 90’s, when I was ensconced up north in the delightful northern city of Leeds. The reason? Well dear readers, I’m afraid that aside… Continue Reading →

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