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Exhumed – Horror (Relapse)

I may have spoken about this before but the one thing that first drew me towards Death Metal was Horror. Ever since I was a child I’ve been obsessed with the dark and macabre, hence why I turned out the… Continue Reading →

Monolord – No Comfort (Relapse)

Monolord. Well, what can I say? If ever a stoner-doom band nailed their flag to the mast and voyaged out across the THC seas on the good ship HMS Bong, few if any have been more honest and upfront as… Continue Reading →

Devourment – Obscene Majesty (Relapse)

Music is perhaps the most powerful form of media, it can help you through hard times, give you a sense of nostalgia, help you grow. Whatever the case may be it’s undeniable that some form of music will impress you… Continue Reading →

Full Of Hell – Weeping Choir (Relapse)

Central Pennsylvanian’s Full of Hell have been around for an absolute age (well since 2009) and have popped up on many a supporting bill in the UK (lastly with Immolation earlier this year) amassing a dedicated fanbase and an extensive… Continue Reading →

Seven Sisters of Sleep – Ezekiel’s Hags (Relapse)

Ezekiel’s Hags is Seven Sisters of Sleeps third full length release but their debut on Relapse. Their new home is a fitting one as the band encapsulate so many of the elements that have made Relapse such a flag bearer… Continue Reading →

Hope Drone – Cloak Of Ash (Relapse)

When this one came in for review I noticed that the label had not exactly given us much lead time before release date so decided to download it quickly and make it a priority. I had never heard of the… Continue Reading →

Maruta – Remain Dystopian (Relapse)

I don’t know how it’s possible, but in a genre defined by extreme and excessively abrasive music, Maruta have released an album somehow more extreme and abrasive than anything I’ve heard in a long time. The newest release from the… Continue Reading →

Primitive Man – Home is Where The Hatred Is (Relapse)

Never has a band been so aptly named; Primitive Man are consistent, robust and, well…primitive in their approach to making music – crank absolutely everything up until it produces disgusting amounts of feedback then churn out smouldering heaps of charred-black… Continue Reading →

Lord Dying – Poisoned Altars (Relapse)

It’s been almost two years since Lord Dying released their debut album, and if the four piece have proven anything it’s that they don’t shy away from the big business names. Sanford Parker (Corrections House, Buried at Sea) recorded 2013’s… Continue Reading →

Albums Of The Year 2014

  Pete Woods What a year as far as music was concerned, even if everything else is pretty much shit it is the tonic that keeps us going through it all and there has been no shortage of choice. It… Continue Reading →

Obituary – Inked in Blood (Relapse)

It’s been five long years since Obituary’s last album ‘Darkest Day’ emerged to whack us round our skulls. In the meantime there’s been a fair amount of disruption in the band’s ranks. First Frank Watkins abandoned his bass role, defecting… Continue Reading →

Atriarch – An Unending Pathway (Relapse)

I guess if you put Atriarch’s musical philosophy into words it would be “We’re fucked.” At least that’s my impression from this their third album and first for Relapse. This flat, doom riddled expression though is pushed differently enough even… Continue Reading →

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