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Mortiis – Spirit Of Rebellion (Omnipresent / Dead Seed Productions)

Just for the record, I like goblins. Whereas the orcs and stuff get all the bad guy praise, poor little goblins are like the weird kid everyone picks on in the school yard. So hurrah for goblinses! Ahem. Sorry. Anyway… Continue Reading →

Visions Of Atlantis – Old Routes, New Waters (Napalm)

Sometimes a little tricky to review, this is one of those stop-gap re-recordings EPs that Napalm and other companies are so keen on when a band get a new singer. Visions Of Atlantis are probably keen to do this too…because… Continue Reading →

Sonick Plague – S/T (Pavement Music)

These songs appeared in 1988, this is a re-recorded album of the ‘What’s The Purpose’ album, formed firmly in the depths of classic thrash metal with a touch of crossover from the vocals on this more up to date version…. Continue Reading →

Flotsam and Jetsam – No Place For Disgrace 2014 (Metal Blade)

Before we get going can I just remind readers that I gave a positive review to F&J’s 2013 release “Ugly Noise” and that I have been a follower of the band since hearing their debut way back in 1986. Good,… Continue Reading →

Sinner – Touch of Sin 2 (AFM)

This is an album of re-recorded classics from Sinner, the German traditional metal band fronted by Mat Sinner who many of you will know from his work with Primal Fear. Mat Sinner acknowledges that the early Sinner material is becoming… Continue Reading →

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