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Torpëdo – Mechanic Tyrants (Gates of Hell)

This is a re-release of this German band’s debut 2019 demo. I have this with the band picture on it, so I am not new to this material. The music is labelled as speed metal, I have more affliction to… Continue Reading →

Black Magic – Wizard’s Spell (Dark Essence)

Maybe it’s just me (and invariably when I say that, it has often been known to be), but I feel really edgy and apprehensive when a record label re-issues a release calling it “Legendary” and as with this one, “One… Continue Reading →

Golem – Eternity The Weeping Horizons / The 2nd Moon re-issue (FDA Rekotz)

Do you like Carcass? Of course you do. If not you’re looking at the wrong website surely… now move along. Now we’ve sorted that out and got rid of them, let me tell you about Golem. If you’re not aware,… Continue Reading →

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