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Torpëdo – Mechanic Tyrants (Gates of Hell)

This is a re-release of this German band’s debut 2019 demo. I have this with the band picture on it, so I am not new to this material. The music is labelled as speed metal, I have more affliction to… Continue Reading →

Fatal Curse – Breaking The Trance (Shadow Kingdom)

What a weird coincidence…or is it? Given this album to review I stuck it in the media player on my computer and having ‘found the info’ on the internet, the player entered the album info automatically…with a release date of… Continue Reading →

Ignitor – Haunted By Rock & Roll (EMP)

Ignitor have been around for a while; it’s a couple of albums since I really listened to them, and so it’s kind of a fresh pair of ears for this one. “True” heavy metal from Texas, however “true” this maybe,… Continue Reading →

Kill Ritual – All Men Shall Fall (Dissonance)

This US band formed in 2010 by ex-members of Dark Angel and Eldritch, now with a different line up, we get to their latest release ‘All Men Shall Fall’. I realised I have actually seen these live, they supported Raven… Continue Reading →

Raven – ExtermiNation (SPV)

Raven wrote the book on insane and fast metal during the NWOBHM movement and have to their credit continued to record albums when many others unplugged their equipment in the face of other musical trends becoming more mainstream. This album… Continue Reading →

Zero Down – No Limit To The Evil (Minotauro Records)

There’s something immediately American about Zero Down. The instantly familiar style of the artwork (done by Ed Repka of Death/Megadeth etc fame) aside, the band’s look, style and sound really does seem very Stateside. And Zero Down ARE American (luckily… Continue Reading →

Night Demon – Curse of the Damned (SPV)

I have been waiting over three years for this album, those not familiar with this band should know I have been a keen follower before they released the first version of their EP (reviewed here: Roll on a few… Continue Reading →

Asomvel – Knuckle Duster (Bad Omen Records)

I doubt that any self respecting metaller that follows the scene within the UK hasn’t at least witnessed a live show by these purist heavy metal purveyors, or know that they tragically lost founding member Jay-Jay Winter in a road… Continue Reading →

Superchrist – Holy Shit (Hells Headbangers)

Everybody loves a surprise or two in music, and I personally love getting albums where I expect nothing but then end up with something I really enjoy and rave about. Chicago based Supercrhist is a well established metal outfit with… Continue Reading →

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