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Leathurbitch – Into the Night (High Roller)

This American band combines speed metal with glam/sleaze metal from the 80’s. Many may never have heard of bands of times past doing a similar thing, this is apparently done within the confines of the modern metal scene (are there… Continue Reading →

Stallion – From the Dead (High Roller)

This is Stallion’s second full length album, and I am in agreement with the PR material for this German heavy/speed metal bands efforts, it’s a more refined and mature effort from the start. Blistering into action is the fast ‘Underground… Continue Reading →

Vandallus – On The High Side (High Roller)

Now this is a surprise. Vandallus features two thirds of the satanic royalists Midnight, namely Steve Dukuslow (drums) and Shaun Vanek (guitar, drums Bass) and this trio is completed by Jamie Vanek (vocals/guitars). However, the other Jamie from Midnight did… Continue Reading →

Bloodsoaked – Religious Apocalypse (Comatose Music)

Well this is a treat! North Carolina’s Bloodsoaked have been kicking around playing some awesome technical death metal since 2006. They are a project helmed by Peter Hasselbrack, ably assisted on this release by Joseph Darling on 2nd guitar and…. Continue Reading →

Stallion – Mounting the World (High Roller)

Another day, another young band jumping into the shoes of classic metal or in this case speed induced metal with some surprising old school glam twists and turns included along the way. That you’ll read about later, but for now… Continue Reading →

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