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Vulture – The Guillotine (High Roller)

Laying a metal stake in the ground and a studded fist in the air with their debut EP ‘Victim to the Blade’, this German speed/thrash band really have come out with a fantastic debut album. Dealing mainly in the speed… Continue Reading →

Condor – Unstoppable Power (High Roller)

Originally a black thrash outfit from Norway, when I first saw these guys live at London Live Evil fest they looked very young indeed, maturing in age and musicianship we now have their second full length release ‘Unstoppable Power’. The… Continue Reading →

Ranger – Speed & Violence (Spinefarm)

Rising from the underground, Finland’s Ranger are stilling running in top gear giving you their speed/thrash hybrid with no brakes, no love for safety and disregard for what the scene thinks it should be. This is their 2nd album for… Continue Reading →

Armory – World Peace…Cosmic War (High Roller)

Armory are part of the recent collection of new Swedish bands and they are a self-proclaimed Speed Metal band, however I find more straight up Maiden-isms in the majority of tracks than pure speed alone. If you take ‘Cosmic War’… Continue Reading →

Vulture – Victim to the Blade (High Roller)

I have to admit, this has been pre ordered for a while from an online retailer and to get to review in advance is the icing on the cake. Vulture are from Germany, and pay old school speed/thrash, very much… Continue Reading →

Speedtrap – Straight Shooter (Svart)

Their last release ‘Powerdose’ was one of the albums of the year on many lists when released in 2013, this hyper active speed and metal act had their eye on the prize for that one. With ‘Straight Shooter’, the energy… Continue Reading →

Stallion – Mounting the World (High Roller)

Another day, another young band jumping into the shoes of classic metal or in this case speed induced metal with some surprising old school glam twists and turns included along the way. That you’ll read about later, but for now… Continue Reading →

Live Evil Festival – London Garage 20/10/12

Hurrah no queue and no football supporters on getting to the venue today. It’s raining heavily so pleased to get in out of it with plenty of time to relax, check out merch and have a beer before the first… Continue Reading →

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