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Halshug – Drom (Southern Lord)

Back in the day, when all was well with the world, and all that mattered was the next Death gig, or a new Megadeth t-shirt or having enough money to get the bus to school and have enough left over… Continue Reading →

Idle Hands – Mana (Eisenwald)

The inventiveness of the wider metal genre never ceases to amaze and delight me. Every once in a while, a band comes along that gives a familiar sound a new twist, a twist that I did not expect, making me… Continue Reading →

Supersuckers – Suck It (SPV)

‘All Of The Time’ opens the 30th anniversary of this twelfth Supersuckers studio album with a bit of studio anger outtake. Which oddly for this most rocking of rawk n roll bands seems to run through this album. The song… Continue Reading →

Siege Of Power – Warning Blast (Metal Blade)

I’d been looking forward to this!! Siege Of Power have just unleashed what is probably the most aptly titled debut album of the year with “Warning Blast”. Who is Siege Of Power? Well my young Padawan….allow me to enlighten you…. Continue Reading →

Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons – The Age of Absurdity (Nuclear Blast)

As an upfront and centre disclaimer, I’m a HUGE fan of Phil Campbell. I know that for a lot of people, the trio of Fast Eddie, Philthy and Lemmy were their definitive Motorhead, but I really rather prefer the final… Continue Reading →

Walpyrgus – Walpyrgus Nights (Cruz Del Sur)

Formed 5 years ago, this American heavy metal force is born with members from Twisted Tower Dire, While Heaven Wept and Viper. My interest started when ex-Widow drummer Peter Lemieux joined the band and subsequently bought their demo tape. Roll… Continue Reading →

Mammoth Mammoth – Mammoth Bloody Mammoth (Napalm)

It was early 2015 when Aussie sleaze merchants Mammoth Mammoth let loose upon the earth their own personal tribute to the riff ‘Volume IV – Hammered Again’ (see Ave Noctum passim for review). Now, with a new year on the… Continue Reading →

The Casualties – Chaos Sound (Season of Mist)

I am ashamed to say that I always overlooked The Casualties. I think I used to see them as an American cartoon version of my fave homegrown bands. More fool me! These New Yorkers don’t give a fuck about the… Continue Reading →

Deadheads – Loadead (High Roller)

Is there something in the water in Sweden that means it produces more bands per capita than any other nation on Earth? From bouncy electronic bubblegum pop to the most demonic of corpse painted nun botherers, it sometimes feels as… Continue Reading →

Bitch Queens – Kill Your Friends (Lux Noise)

Bitch Queens are a bunch of sleazy fuckers from Basel. This is the first shocker for me as they play the kind of grease and spunk soaked rock n roll that usually ejaculates outta Scandinavia.  So far so Turbo Negro…. Continue Reading →

Okkultokrati – Snakereigns (Fysisk Format)

Although debut 2010 album ‘No Light For Mass’ from these Norwegians barely made any mark that I heard of there has been a real buzz about their follow up Snakereigns. I keep hearing mentions of black metal and punk being… Continue Reading →

Rocking Corpses – Rock ‘N’ Rott (Abyss Records)

Mixing blues, rock and death metal really shouldn’t work at all, but on the whole it does on this debut from Finnish zombie rockers Rocking Corpses. Comprised of the duo Tony D.K. on vocals/guitar and Leper Laze on vocals/bass. Drums… Continue Reading →

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