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RAM - Rod (Metal Blade)

RAM – Rod (Metal Blade)

All hail Ramrod the destroyer! Sweden’s RAM had a particularly favourable release in ‘Svbversvm’ on their last outing and have developed with each release since I discovered them on their debut EP. A partial concept album based on Ramrod the Destroyer, in part the first.. Read More
RAM - Svbversvm (Metal Blade)

RAM – Svbversvm (Metal Blade)

Based on their recent split release with fellow countrymen Portrait, I find such an influence has rubbed off and with these Swedes fourth album, this sees RAM employ a touch darker essence comfortably displayed in the music, whilst retaining their core pure heavy metal credentials.. Read More
Ram / Portrait - Under Command (Metal Blade)

Ram / Portrait – Under Command (Metal Blade)

This is a nice release, two of my favourite Swedish bands playing two distinct styles or variations of traditional metal, both having one individual track, one cover track and another cover of a track by the other band (if you know what I mean). Their.. Read More
RAM - Interview

RAM – Interview

RAM are a traditional heavy metal behemoth from Sweden, a country containing many of the most promising prospects of the heavy metal genre of late. RAM have had a very healthy underground following with two studio albums behind them, ‘Forced Entry’ and ‘Lightbringer’. 2012 brings.. Read More