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Blood Of The Sun – Blood’s Thicker Than Love (Listenable Records)

“Alright!”  As an opening lyric, delivered with full on Kilmister growl, Blood Of The Sun not only pay tribute to a rock great, but set the scene of the whole album, where music is a celebration, and the band is… Continue Reading →

Northern Crown – S/T (S/R)

Here’s a few statistics for you. During their 30 plus year history, the longest serving, in one go at least, vocalist for Candlemass has been Mats Leven, serving from 2012-2018 on numerous tours and festival slots However, that same period… Continue Reading →

Mausoleum Gate – Into A Dark Divinity (Cruz de la Sur Music)

I really quite enjoyed Mausoleum Gate’s 2014 self-titled debut – it was a spirited serving of 70s-inspired ‘proto metal’ with enough of a whiff of hammer horror ghoulishness and deftness of songwriting touch to elevate it above much of the… Continue Reading →

The Night Flight Orchestra – Amber Galactic (Nuclear Blast)

Although this is the band’s third album, I understand it’s their first for Nuclear Blast, so there may be plenty of people unaware of exactly who is in this project – so who the hell are they? OK, so you’ve… Continue Reading →

Mirror – S/T (Metal Blade)

2015 is starting to draw to a close, my window is frosty, and the shops are now bedecked with assorted tacky plastic trees, reindeer, and an army of Santa dolls beckoning to you in the hope of getting you to… Continue Reading →

Wolfpakk – Rise Of The Animal (AFM)

Ah, Wolfpakk, so we meet again…and my, what big teeth you have! I had the honour of reviewing their previous outing “Cry Wolf” in 2013, which on the whole was very good (if I ignore the Michael Bolton meets Disney… Continue Reading →

Skálmöld – Með Vættum (Napalm)

The dramatic cover art that adorns this third release from Icelandic folk viking metallers Skálmöld sets the scene so well you could quite easily imagine yourself immersed in the tumultuous seascape whilst absorbing the eight exhilarating songs contained within the… Continue Reading →

Redemption – Live From The Pit DVD/CD (Sensory)

Redemption, formed in 2000, are an LA-based progressive metal band who dabble in combining the melodious sounds of the old 70s bands with the contemporary. There’s plenty of moments here that will have you recalling monsters like Rainbow or Rush,… Continue Reading →

Wolfpakk – Cry Wolf (AFM)

The 2nd installment of Wolf-obsessed Melodic Metal from the project written by, and put together by highly respected vocalists Michael Voss (Mad Max/Casanova) and Mark Sweeney (Crystal Ball). 2011’s debut was well received so they are back this year with… Continue Reading →

Paradox – Tales of The Weird (AFM Records)

25 years ago Paradox released their debut called “Product Of Imagination” and at the time they gained a big foothold onto the thrash scene that was set in concrete once they unleashed “Heresy” in 1989 and still is arguably their… Continue Reading →

Tomorrow’s Outlook – 34613 (Battlegod Productions)

This is a Norwegian studio project that started in 2007 that features a couple of big names, mainly relating to vocal duty personnel. Graham Bonnet (yep – Rainbow/MSG etc.) and Michael Kiske (Unisonic/ex-Helloween) are the big hitters, the other musicians… Continue Reading →

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