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Rage – 21 (Nuclear Blast)

Closing in now on nearly 30 years in the business, Rage’s influence has spread far and wide. Having perfected their brand of Teutonic power metal, many bands of a similar ilk and persuasion have taken their direction from the energetic and enthusiastic stylings of Mr.. Read More
New Eden – Solving for X (Pure Steel Records)

New Eden – Solving for X (Pure Steel Records)

Having a few releases behind them and once featuring James Rivera (Helstar/Malice) on vocals, New Eden return after a massive 9 year break between releases, a band originally formed in 1993 by Steel Prophet guitarist Horacio Colmenares. ‘Solving for X’ is not a complex math.. Read More

Wolfen – Chapter IV (Pure Legend Records)

Germany’s Wolfen formed over 15 years ago, they are tagged as power metal, but in fairness their music is a little bit more than that sweeping categorisation. The opener ‘Revolution/Evolution’ actually sounds a little like British metal, a bit like Blaze Bayley’s first couple of.. Read More