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Jackson Firebird – Shake The Breakdown (Napalm)

Aussie noisemaking duo Jackson Firebird have a real unique spin on the two piece band which was rather popular round the turn of the 2000’s. Using the age old guitarist and drummer with both handling vocal duty formula, they mix… Continue Reading →

Tony Mills – Over My Dead Body (Battlegod)

Tony Mill’s is probably best known as the ex-TNT vocalist, although this Midland’s born singer has also spent some time with Shy and Serpentine, and if you search hard enough, there’s some guesting for Cerebral Fix too via his initial… Continue Reading →

Stam1na – SLK (Sakara Records)

Sometimes when people talk to you there’s loads of words coming out but none of them say anything. That was kind of like the press blurb for this band. It says lots about how big they are in their home… Continue Reading →

Steel Prophet – Omniscient (Cruz del Sur Music)

They are spoken of as potential heirs to Iron Maiden and Judas Priest, but Steel Prophet have frankly been around long enough to shape their own path and reputation. These Americans started out in the mid 1980s, since when they… Continue Reading →

Interview – Of Spire And Throne

With the third excellent EP ‘Toll Of The Wound’ from the Edinburgh based ‘slow bludgeoning’ entity that is Of Spire & Throne out on Broken Limbs, we were keen to see what made this lot so interesting and what kept… Continue Reading →

Anubis Gate – Horizons (Nightmare Records)

I’ve always had trouble getting to grips with Anubis Gate. Why I should need to “get to grips” with a band is of course a moot point. In spite of interviewing their highly articulate multi-instrumentalist Kim Oleson and seeing them… Continue Reading →

Gamma Ray – Empire of the Undead (earMusic)

Gamma Ray are pretty much an institution in power metal terms, many albums are considered classics right from their debut to some of their material released during the difficult 90’s (or so some bands call it). ‘Empire of the Undead’… Continue Reading →

Overtures – Entering the Maze (Sleaszy Rider)

I like Italian metal in general and of the prog-power fraternity I particularly like DGM and Kingcrow. There’s such an energy and creativity about them. I didn’t know Overtures but they’ve been going since 2003 and this is their third… Continue Reading →

Holy Grail – Ride The Void (Nuclear Blast)

Since the 12th century, King Arthur’s quest for the Holy Grail, the cup used by Christ at The Last Supper, has held generations spellbound – but why? For £9 Easyjet could have got the King of the Britons to Venice…. Continue Reading →

HellLight – Funeral Doom/The Light That Brought Darkness (Solitude Productions)

Subtlety is not the name of the game here in the world of HellLight – at least as far as the sign posts to their musical tastes go. Their former label was Ancient Dreams (with me so far?) and the… Continue Reading →

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