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Trépas – ‘L’héritage Du Monde’ (Sepulchral Productions)

When I saw that Trépas was made up of veterans from Québec’s Death Metal scene, specifically Morgue and Outre-Tombe, I fully expected this to be another pulverising death metal bulldozer. How wrong I was, for ‘L’héritage du monde’ is a… Continue Reading →

Ossuaire – Dernier Chants (Sepulchral Productions)

“Premier Chants”, this Canadian band’s debut full length comprises the first of a duology concerning the downfall of Christianity according to the background info. What is surprising about this is that the first part was released in late April 2019,… Continue Reading →

Sanctvs – Mors Aeterna (Sepulchral Productions)

I’ve followed Canadian black metal, and French-Canadian black metal in particular for some years. From Frozen Shadows through to Cantique Lépreux, they’ve never failed me. I hadn’t heard of Sanctvs from Québec, but this is hardly surprising as “Mors Aeterna”… Continue Reading →

Monarque – Jusqu’á la Mort (Sepulchral Productions)

I am not the black metal scholar that some of my colleagues definitely are, and this is my first encounter with Canadians Monarque and the proudly independent black metal scene of Quebec. But like every new convert to anything, what… Continue Reading →

Cantique Lépreux – Paysages Polaires (Eisenwald)

Cantique Lépreux’s members have a fine pedigree including the mighty Forteresse, but even with this knowledge, their debut album ‘Cendres Célestes’ surpassed all expectations and is an absolute masterpiece which remains on my regular playlist. With this in mind I… Continue Reading →

Interview – Forteresse

Forteresse. In the wake of their truly exceptional new album, Thèmes Pour La Rébellion (see the review if you haven’t already ) Ave Noctum were given the opportunity to send an interview the way of guitarist Moribond, a little bit… Continue Reading →

Neige et Noirceur – Ténèbres Modernes (Sepulchral Productions)

I have followed the black and wintry path of Neige et Noirceur since their 2009 album “Crépuscule Hivernale sans fin sure Les Terrres de Guerre”. and without doubt these Québecois have carved an interesting path of black ambient music. Occasionally… Continue Reading →

Forteresse – Thèmes Pour La Rébellion (Sepulchral Productions)

I think to say that this, the fifth full length from métal noir Québécois troupe Forteresse was one of my most anticipated releases of 2016 is to slightly underplay how much their four previous albums have impressed me with both… Continue Reading →

Deletere – Les Heures De La Peste (Sepulchral Productions)

For over fifteen years, quietly and confidently, Sepulchral Productions has been flying the flag for Canadian home-grown black metal, seeking out some of the country’s most intriguing, obscure artists and presenting them to the world stage. Having released albums by… Continue Reading →

Ether – Hymns Of Failures (Sepulchral Productions)

If you look up self-indulgent in the dictionary, you will find ‘e.g. one man black metal bands ‘. But hang on, think about this for a moment; who do you want them to ‘indulge’? Commercial interests? The mainstream? You? Or… Continue Reading →

Grimoire – L’Aorasie Des Spectres Rêveurs (Eisenwald)

There are atmospheric black metal bands to stroke your chin to, in knowing appreciation of a job reasonably well done, and there are others to lose yourself in completely. Grimoire’s second release, an EP, makes a good effort aiming for… Continue Reading →

Neige et Noirceur – Gouffre Onirique et Abîmes Cosmiques (Sepulchral Productions)

From the bleakest and coldest corner of Canada comes Neige et Noirceur’s fourth album, not to mention a brilliant compilation of ambient blackness released last year called “Natura Mortis Sonoris”. The material has varied from eccentric black imaginings to eerie… Continue Reading →

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