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Helion Prime – Terror Of The Cybernetic Space Monster (AFM)

Californian Power Metallers Helion Prime make a welcome return with their 2nd album, and the immediate difference that anyone familiar with Helion Prime’s debut will note is that the new vocalist is sporting a beard! Unremarkable you might think, but… Continue Reading →

Pyramaze – Contingent (Inner Wound)

I’ve followed Pyramaze since their debut album back in 2004 and I must admit I feared the worst a few years back, but with this album (their second in three years) it looks like they are back to top form… Continue Reading →

Divided Multitude – S/T (Fireball Records)

Hailing from Brekstad, Norway, Divided Multitude are a five piece progressive metal band who have been kicking about for 21 years. Having extensively toured Scandinavia and mainland Europe, the band has a rather unique sound – a modern progressive metal… Continue Reading →

Ashes Of Ares – ST (Nuclear Blast)

I’ve only heard Matt Barlow sing outside the confines of Iced Earth on Pyramaze’s 2008 CD “Immortal”, but I was told that the music was already written for that album so it was a similar situation to Iced Earth…again. He… Continue Reading →

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