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Beheaded – Only Death Can Save You (Agonia)

I don’t make much of a secret of it, Brutal Death Metal to me is the pinnacle of music, aside from Iron Maiden of course, but that is another subject for another time. I first discovered Brutal Death Metal some… Continue Reading →

Depraved Murder – Manifestation (Comatose)

The Asian world is no stranger to brutality, Vomit Remnants, Butcher ABC, Wormrot, Glossectomy, Gorevent, Blunt Force Trauma the list goes on. Quite frankly if you want big Slams and ferocious speed then look no further. The continent is rife… Continue Reading →

Posthuman Abomination – Transcending Embodiment (Comatose Music)

Flooding both musically and environmentally is generally a disaster it causes damage and in a musical sense causes reviewers and fans to trawl through endless hours of audio in search of a diamond in the rough. Sometimes I do honestly… Continue Reading →

Devangelic – Resurrection Denied (Comatose Music)

There are very few occasions when I find an album difficult to listen to in a repetitive loop. This isn’t because it’s bad, far from it, but owing to its sheer intensity & brutality it eventually becomes a little much…. Continue Reading →

Antropofagus – Architects of Lust (Comatose Music)

Antropofagus. (Try saying that after a few!) Are Italian brutal death metallers who were first around in 1999 when they released their debut album ‘No Waste of Flesh’.  Then two years later their EP ‘Alive is Good… Dead is Better’… Continue Reading →

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