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The Tempter – Turpis Rex (Dissonance)

The Tempter is a project of Alex Wank (Pungent Stench) formed with Tarpiu in the beginning of 2008 to let demons out and anger in. Written after a brief hiatus following Pungent Stench coming to an end, the results are… Continue Reading →

Dead – A Dirty Mind Is A Joy Forever (FDA Records)

Bit of an institution are Dead. This trio of Germans have been sleazily rocking since way back in 1991 and their line-up has been pretty consistent throughout that time. They describe their sound as ‘erotic death metal’ and if you… Continue Reading →

Diskord – Doomscapes / Aural Abjection (Hellthrasher Productions)

Diskord hail from Norway, and have had an unflinching penchant for blasting out dissonant, progressive and downright weird death metal since forming in 1999. Having released their second album ‘Dystopics’ on the ‘No Posers Please!’ label in 2012, Diskord’s debut… Continue Reading →

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